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Un - Driving of the Golden Spike
Stock #: KB10858
Author: Jeff Terry, Thornton Waite, James Reisdorff

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Karen's Price: $21.95

A ceremony that transpired in the high desert region of northern Utah on May 10, 1869, marked the conclusion of the greatest technological achievement of America in the 19th Century. The completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad was celebrated by the driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit.

Seventy Three years later, on September 8, 1942, the Golden Spike was 'Un-driven" at Promontory Summit during an unusual ceremony that largely replicated the original event in reverse. The tracks were then torn up for military use during World War II, whereafter promontory was largely forgotten. This is the illustrated story of the Un-Driving of the Golden Spike in 1942 and the various personalities involved with this unique event. It is also the remarkable story of a century long struggle to have America rediscover the historical significance of Promontory Summit, which culminated in the establishment of today's Golden Spike National Historic Site. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Trains

The Railroad at Pocatello (Idaho)
Stock #: KB10745
Author: Thornton Waite

List Price: $21.99
Karen's Price: $19.99

Pocatello was founded as a station on the narrow-gauge Utah and Northern Railway in 1878, and it has been a railroad town ever since. Passenger and freight trains arrived and departed in all four directions of the compass, 24 hours a day. The Union Pacific also built extensive shops at Pocatello, where railroad equipment was serviced, maintained, and repaired. In addition, refrigerator cars were iced from a large icehouse, and railroad ties were treated with preservative at a tie plant. The advent of the automobile, improved roads, new technologies, and the introduction of the diesel-electric locomotives all combined to change the railroad industry, affecting Pocatello in many ways. Passenger trains were discontinued, the steam-locomotive-servicing facilities were closed, and shop buildings were torn down. However, the railroad in Pocatello remains a vital part of the local scene today, with freight trains continuing to run through the city day and night.

Author Bio: Thornton Waite is interested in the history of railroads, especially in Idaho, and has written several titles and numerous articles on the subject. In this book, he combines extensive research with vintage photographs to illustrate the railroad’s importance to Pocatello for over 125 years. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Fairs and Railroads; Railroads at World's Fairs, Expositions and Railroad Fairs
Stock #: 14228
Author: Thornton Waite

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World's Fairs and expositions have been held in the United States many times int he past 140 years. The fairs served several purposes.  They were used by the cities in which they were held to promote the local economy, by national industries to show off their technical prowess, and by the public from all over the nation to have a good time and learn about their nation and the world. The railroads were once an important and essential part of these fairs, transporting the majority of the visitors to and from them, and using the fairs as a public relation opportunity to show the visitors that the railroads were using the latest technology and that they were a benefit to the country.  The first fairs in the United States focused on the modern technologies used by the railroads, but as time passed the railroads, used the fairs to both promote travel on their lines and to show off their heritage and history.

This book tells of the participation of the railroads at the larger world's fairs and railroad expositions in the United States, describing how the railroads addressed the transportation of large numbers of people to the fairs and describing the exhibits they had on the fairgrounds. Soft cover


Subject: Trains

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