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Rails Across the Tundra: An Historical Album of the Alaska Railroad
Stock #: 14096
Author: Stan Cohen

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Karen's Price: $12.95

Text plus photos trace the history from the beginnings of the Alaska Northern Central and Tanana Valley railroads to modern times. 285 photos. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

White Pass and Yukon Route, A Pictorial History
Stock #: KB11295
Author: Stan Cohen

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Karen's Price: $19.95

The Klondike Gold Rush spawned the railroad in 1898. The line was built to alleviate the hardships of the gruesome trip over the passes to the gold fields in the interior of the Yukon. By the time the railroad was completed in the summer of 1900 the rush was over, but the White Pass Route survived nev­ertheless, and continued for 82 years to provide a vital link between the Yukon and the outside world. Soft cover.


Subject: Trains

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