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American LaFrance 500/600 Photo Archive
Stock #: KB10270
Author: Walter M.P. McCall

List Price: $32.95
Karen's Price: $29.95

The 1930s was the decade of style - an era of streamlining and bold, futuristic art deco design that influenced the look of everything from jewelry, furniture and skyscrapers to locomotives, ships, automobiles, and Fire engines. The biggest news that eventful year was its ultra-streamlined 500 Series fire apparatus. With its dramatically clean styling the art deco 500 Series suddenly made everything else look old-fashioned. This authoritative, superbly researched and generously illustrated book documents the American-LaFrance 500 and 600 Series' remarkable nine-year production run from the late 1930s through the years immediately following the Second World War. In addition to the big 500/600 Series, the book also covers the lesser known ''junior edition'' B-500 and B-600 Series. more»

Subject: Fire Equipment

Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers
Stock #: KB10280
Author: Walter M.P. McCall

List Price: $99.95
Karen's Price: $89.95

From Abbott & Downing to Zwak, this comprehensive volume combines company histories, innovations and hundreds of photographs to present the story of American fire engine manufacturing. The objective of this book was to compile as comprehensive and complete a list as possible of the known players - the hundreds of companies that produced more than just one or two fire trucks, and which operated as continuous fire apparatus manufacturing and sales enterprises. The focus of this compendium, therefore, is on the established known companies (as well as some not so well known) that have actively engaged in this unique vehicular industry over the past one hundred-plus years. In the main this book is an alphabetical listing of dedicated motor fire apparatus builders - companies that designed and built pumpers, ladder trucks, rescue and other types of motor fire apparatus in their own factories - from the frame-up on their own custom chassis or on commercially-available domestic truck chassis. You will note that this book also includes a number of commercial chassis makers such as International, Freightliner, Kenworth and Peterbilt which forged special alliances with various fire apparatus builders, and which sometimes made and marketed fire apparatus under their own names. more»

Subject: Fire Equipment

Seagrave 70th Anniversary Series Photo Archive
Stock #: KB10289
Author: Walter M.P. McCall

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $27.95

Take an exciting look at one of the most distinctive fire engines in American fire apparatus history. High-quality builders' photos show the 19-year production life of the Seagrave 70th Anniversary Series. Popular fire apparatus historian Walter M.P. McCall begins this photographic history with the delivery of the first 70th Anniversary Series pumpers to Seagrave's home city of Columbus, Ohio and ends with the delivery of the last - nearly two decades later - to New Haven, CT. See a wide variety of apparatus, ranging from stock-model pumpers and ladder trucks to custom-built one-off specials such as a huge rescue truck built for Syracuse, NY, a foam truck for the protection of oil refineries, and some of the 70th Anniversary models built by Seagrave's Canadian subsidiary. more»

Subject: Fire Equipment

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