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Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Passenger Service: 1847-1971
Stock #: KB10849
Author: Thomas W. Dixon Jr.

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This book by noted C&O historian and C&OHS founder T. W. Dixon, Jr., details the whole history of passenger train service on the C&O beginning with the Virginia Central in the 1840s and enduing with Amtrak�s takeover in 1971. Much of the information has never before been published, especially in the earlier period. The history will be most detailed in the period 1920-1971, the era of the heavyweight steel passenger equipment and the lightweight streamlined cars, the heaviest and most powerful steam locomotives, and the iconic E8 diesels. All this is documented and explained in a cogent chronological text supplemented with maps, diagrams, charts, tables, timetable reproductions, ads, menus, as well as photos both from general sources and from the C&O�s own publicity photographers in the 1930-1960s era. Hard cover.


Subject: Trains

Chesapeake & Ohio K-4 Class 2-8-4 Steam Locomotives
Stock #: KB10803
Author: Thomas W. Dixon Jr.

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The First in the History Series Books! This is the 1st book and covers the C&O K04 Kanawha. During World War II, the C&O turned to the 2-8-4 wheel arrangement to handle the fast freight schedule demanded by the war-time needs. The C & O had watched the development of the 2-8-4 on the Nickel Plate Road and the Pere Marquette through the "Advisory Mechanical Committee" which was common to the four railroads controlled by the Van Sweringens. It based its 2-8-4 design on the NKP and Pere Marquette "Berkshires". However it chose to name them "Kanawhas" after the Kanawha River, which paralleled its main line. Between 1943 and 1947, the C & O purchased ninety, Class K-4, 2-8-4 "Kanawhas", twenty from the Lima Locomotive Works and seventy from the American Locomotive Company. These locomotives were numbered 2700 through 2789. All of these locomotives had 69" diameter drivers, 26" x 34" cylinders, a 245 psi boiler pressure, they exerted 69,350 pounds of tractive effort and each weighed about 292,500 pounds. Soft cover more»

Subject: Trains

Virginia Railroad, Volume 2 - Chesapeake & Ohio
Stock #: KB10466
Author: Thomas W. Dixon Jr.

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This is the 2nd volume about railroading in Virginia and details the history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway from its inception as the Louisa Railroad in central Virginia in 1836 up to modern times. Each chapter explains how a subdivision of the railway developed, including the types of locomotives used, and the nature of the traffic carried. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Trains

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