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The Rockets and Missiles of White Sands Proving Ground 1945-1958
Stock #: KB10437
Author: Gregory P. Kennedy

List Price: $45.00
Karen's Price: $41.00

In 1945, the United States Army established a testing center for rockets and guided missiles in south-central New Mexico. Named White Sands Proving Ground, this center was the locale for many of America's first steps towards space. "Rockets and Missiles of White Sands Proving Ground" chronicles major activities at the base from 1945-1958. This book details the development and testing for such missiles as Hermes, Corporal, Nike Ajax, Sergeant, Honest John, and Viking. These missiles formed the backbone of much of America's arsenal during the Cold War and represented major technological advancements. more»

Subject: Missiles

Touching Space: The Story of Project Manhigh
Stock #: KB10438
Author: Gregory P. Kennedy

List Price: $24.95
Karen's Price: $22.95

Project Manhigh took humans to the threshold of space using balloons. Drawing upon flight reports and technical data, this book documents Project Manhigh and the high altitude flights that preceded it. The Manhigh flights were, in many ways, prototypes for future space missions. On each of the three flights, the Air Force placed a lone pilot in a sealed capsule nineteen miles above the ground. At such extreme altitudes, the pilots were well within the functional equivalent of outer space and needed the sealed capsule to survive. Manhigh existed prior to the creation of NASA and helped pave the way for human space exploration. more»

Subject: Space

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