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Battle-Winning Weapons of World War II

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Battle-Winning Weapons of World War II - World War II inspired the invention of weapons the likes the world had never seen before. Witness the technology and battle-zone achievements of such groundbreaking tanks as German Tigers and Panthers, Russian T-34s, and American M3s. Superb aircraft such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the British Hurricane and Spitfire, the American Mustang and B-17, and the Japanese Aichi Val and Zero. Mighty battleships like the Bismarck, aircraft carriers like the Yorktown, and lethal undersea submarines. All of these and many more are described in dramatic detail and illustrated in stunning photos, color artwork, and maps. 400 b&w & color ill. Hard Coverww II, weapons,german tanks,tanks,german,tigers,panthers,russian t-34s,amercian m3s,messerschmidt,BF 109,british,hurricane,spitfire,american,mustang, b-17,japanese,zero,aichi val,bismarck,bismark,air carriers,battleships,yorktown,submarines.

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Battle-Winning Weapons of World War II from MBI

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