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Know Thy Late Mohawks

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Author: Thomas R. Gerbracht
Publisher: New York Central System Historical Society
Pages: 300+

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Know Thy Late Mohawks -

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The New York Central System Historical Society announces the final book of the Central’s steam power triumvirate. This hard cover book completes the documentation of the New York Central’s Mohawk class, the L-3 and L-4 Mohawks.

Detailed history of the late Mohawk design of 1940, and the final L-4 design of 1942, using official railroad records and drawings, and profusely illustrated using an outstanding collection of high-quality photographs from the Society’s Collection and other collections, many previously unpublished.

The book describes and illustrates the original late Mohawk design, and the evolution of the basic design that resulted in the L-4 Mohawk, perhaps the best dual service two-cylinder steam locomotive design ever developed. Included is a separate section on late Mohawk tenders, one of the secrets of the Mohawk’s success. Oddities are identified, and the final days of late Mohawk operation are also fully documented, including last runs. The late Mohawk design is compared with contemporary steam designs used by other railroads in the Central’s service area. Hard cover.

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Know Thy Late Mohawks from New York Central System Historical Society

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