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Chesapeake & Ohio, The Decades of Change, 1961 - 1981

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Author: Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.
Publisher: C&O Historical Society
Pages: 128

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Chesapeake & Ohio, The Decades of Change, 1961 - 1981 -

This book tells the story of the tumultuous years from the beginnings of the B&O affiliation, through Chessie System, up to CSX. These decades saw the shift from first generation to third generation diesels, and the complete shift in operational methods. It begins with an overview of the railroad situation in 1960 and how C&O fit into it, as well as a description of the B&O affiliation. It traces the metamorphosis from the 5,100-mile C&O of 1960 up to the beginnings of the giant CSX merger. The story is told in high-quality color photos, as well as maps, drawings, and other illustrations that help to tell the complete story of the changes wrought over this 20 year period. The period was marked by the decline and end of passenger service and the tectonic shifts in transportation routes as interstate highways took an ever increasing toll on railroad traffic and revenues. Plus, it traces the beginnings of a resurgence that would find full-flower in the 1980s. Hard cover.

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Chesapeake & Ohio, The Decades of Change, 1961 - 1981 from C&O Historical Society

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