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Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, Volume 31 - 32

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Publisher: RP CPC Publishing
Pages: 265

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Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, Volume 31 - 32 -

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Volumes 31 & 32 are a special combined double-volume comprising 265 pages,
more than twice the usual number of 113 pages, on the subject of Lightweight
House Cars, Part 2 by Patrick C. Wider.

The article describes the lightweight, low-alloy steel house (box,
automobile, reefer) cars built during the 1930s to early 1950s for more than
30 railroads. During this period a number of railroads and car builders
sought to reduce the tare (empty) weight of their house cars through the use
various high-strength steel alloys.

A history of the use of these new steel alloys for car construction is
included as well as their impact. The experiment resulted in a significant
number of unique freight cars of interest to the railroad historian and
model railroad enthusiast. The article includes 234 photographs, 36 industry
trade ads, 99 diagrams, and 5 tables of the experimental and production
house cars built during the late steam era that made use of the new
high-strength steel alloys. Soft cover.

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, Volume 31 - 32 from RP CPC Publishing

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