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Panther Battalion Brandenburg

Stock #: KB10663
Author: Axel Urbanke & Wolfgang Ockert
Publisher: Luftfahrtverlag-Start
Pages: 362

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Panther Battalion Brandenburg -

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Based on ten years of research, this is a book that rises above the many other books about Panzer units and the final months of the war. More than 200 action photographs from every front, almost all of them previously unseen, and 27 color maps supplement the text. This book now has 362 pages. It is very complete.

In the spring of 1945, with the Second World War undoubtedly nearing its end, events followed in rapid succession. There was fighting on every front and German losses were enormous. Units were created and destroyed without receiving much attention in the records of the Wehrmacht staffs. Even veteran units suffered this fate. This book, the product of ten years of research, documents the battles and demise of a panzer unit which, though it fought on the Oder Front and in metropolitan Berlin, remains almost unknown – the I Battalion, Panzer Regiment “Brandenburg.” The unit’s existence would span just three and a half months; consequently it is almost unknown today. At the beginning of February 1945, the I Battalion of the Panzer Regiment “Brandenburg” was dispatched to the Oder Front and attached to the Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Kurmark.” Fighting as part of that unit, in spring 1945 the battalion took part in the fierce battles at the Soviet bridgehead near Göritz south of Küstrin and for possession of the Reitweiner Sporn and the Klessin strongpoint. English and German text, large format.   Hard cover.

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Panther Battalion Brandenburg from Luftfahrtverlag-Start

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