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Southern Pacific Historical Diesels, Volume 20

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Author: Joseph A. Strapac
Publisher: Shade Tree Books
Pages: 176

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Southern Pacific Historical Diesels, Volume 20 -

The Southern Pacific and its subsidiaries, the Texas & New Orleans and the St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) purchased carbody-style diesel passenger locomotives between 1947 and 1955. These were all rated at 2000 to 2400 horsepower; they rolled on six-wheel trucks, each of which carried two traction motors geared to the outer axles. Twenty-eight of them were built by EMD of General Motors, while sixty-six more came from ALCO in Schenectady, New York.

Southern Pacific also received 108 class DF-4 F7 locomotives (54 A and 54 B #6186-6239 and #8086-8139) between June and October with model #OK-4740 steam generators, inter-unit water pumping and water tanks, while every F7A in this class had MU steam boiler controls (at the fireman's seat in the cab).

Also covered are the EMD E-7s, the E-8, and the EMD E-9s. The T&NO and the SSW PA-1s, and passenger F-7, F-7B, FP-7s and former SP FP-7 and F-7B on Amtrak. In addition there are 16 full pages of color. 310 black & white photos, and 32 full color photos. A full roster is also included. Soft cover.



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Southern Pacific Historical Diesels, Volume 20 from Shade Tree Books

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