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Un - Driving of the Golden Spike

Stock #: KB10858
Author: Jeff Terry, Thornton Waite, James Reisdorff
Publisher: South Platte Press
Pages: 80

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Un - Driving of the Golden Spike - A ceremony that transpired in the high desert region of northern Utah on May 10, 1869, marked the conclusion of the greatest technological achievement of America in the 19th Century. The completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad was celebrated by the driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit.

Seventy Three years later, on September 8, 1942, the Golden Spike was 'Un-driven" at Promontory Summit during an unusual ceremony that largely replicated the original event in reverse. The tracks were then torn up for military use during World War II, whereafter promontory was largely forgotten. This is the illustrated story of the Un-Driving of the Golden Spike in 1942 and the various personalities involved with this unique event. It is also the remarkable story of a century long struggle to have America rediscover the historical significance of Promontory Summit, which culminated in the establishment of today's Golden Spike National Historic Site. Soft cover.

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Un - Driving of the Golden Spike from South Platte Press

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