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SS - Panzerkorps in the Battle for Kharkov

Stock #: KB10770
Author: Waldemar Trojca
Publisher: J. J. Fedorowitz
Pages: 560


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SS - Panzerkorps in the Battle for Kharkov -

First book from a new series on the history of the Waffen-SS, titled SS-Panzerkorps in the battle for Kharkov 01-03.1943. The series will be dedicated to the actions of the forces of the Waffen SS on the Eastern and Western fronts during 1941-1945. All the books, in addition to detailed descriptions of the combat, will include many maps, photographs and tables detailing the strengths and losses of the units. They will include technical data and drawings (CAD and 3D) in black and white and in color of the equipment used by the Waffen-SS and their opponents, on land and in the air. The first book in the series describes actions during 01-03.1943 that ended with the capture of Kharkov, which was the last German major victory on the Eastern Front. The book has 560 pages (entirely printed in color) and will have 510 photographs (including approximately 30 color), 240 profiles (2D and 3D), 65 maps (including an A1 map of Kharkow in 2D and 3D), 200 drawings (2D and 3D), 55 tables. There will also be parts of original maps from both the Germans and the Soviets. Hard cover.

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SS - Panzerkorps in the Battle for Kharkov from J. J. Fedorowitz

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