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Schwere Panzer in Detail

Stock #: KB10795
Author: Bruce Culver / Uwe Feist
Publisher: Ryton Publications
Pages: 172

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Schwere Panzer in Detail - The most complete coverage of the Wehrmacht's heavies, the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger II "Königstiger", the 71 ton Jagdtiger, and the 68 ton Jagdpanzer Tiger (P) "Elefant". The s.Pz.Jg.Rgt. 656 ripped over 500 Soviet tanks to scrap iron against the loss of 39 vehicles of their own at the epic tank battle at Kursk in July 1943. Illustrated with over 400 black and white photos and drawings, and 11 pages of color illustrations by the"Dean" of military artists, Uwe Feist, this is the third in the popular Ryton series that follows "Tiger I & Sturmtiger In Detail", and "Panther In Detail". With 5-view scale drawings by John Rue, it traces the developement, combat, and technical history of the King Tiger,(Konigstiger), Hunting Tiger,(Jagdtiger), and Elaphant, (Elefant) Series of Armored Fighting Vehicles. Printed on high quality paper, great attention has been given to the clear reproduction of wartime photographs depicting the vehicles in both training and combat, with numerous interior and exterior close-ups. English text, 20 color illustrations and 404 B&W photos. Hard cover.

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Schwere Panzer in Detail from Ryton Publications

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