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2cm Flak & 2cm Flakvliering

Stock #: KB10790
Author: Robert Johnson
Publisher: Feist Books
Pages: 152


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2cm Flak & 2cm Flakvliering -

The famous 2cm Flak anti-aircraft gun of WWII was one of the most versatile weapons in the German Army's arsenal from 1935 till the end of hostilities in May of 1945. The 2cm Flak 30, 2cm Flak 38 and the 2cm Flakvierling 38 gun were deployed by the Luftwaffe, Panzerwaffe, Heeresflak units, the Kriegsmarine and multiple related branches of the Wehrmacht. A special bonus is the extensive coverage of the weapons system described in detail, utilizing the original 1937 L.Dv. 440/02 and the 1942 D.v.T. 1901/2 Dienstvorschrift (manuals). English text, 146 color and B&W photos. Soft cover.

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2cm Flak & 2cm Flakvliering from Feist Books

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