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Pacific Empresses; Canadian Pacific Railway's Empress Liners

Stock #: KB10778
Author: Robert D. Turner
Publisher: Sono Nis
Pages: 290


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Pacific Empresses; Canadian Pacific Railway's Empress Liners -

From Vancouver and Victoria on the west coast of British Columbia, across the North Pacific by the great circle route that skirts the Aleutian Islands, to Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Philippines; this was the realm of the Pacific Empresses. For fifty years these beautiful ocean liners provided a fast link with the Orient. The Empresses brough tea, silk, spices and produce from the Orient and returned with Canadian cargoes. The first Empresses came to the Pacific in 1891, providing a fast, reliable steamship service connecting the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway with the Orient. The ships were the beautiful clipper-bowed Empresses of India, China and Japan. Later, as steamship design advanced and the service grew, the larger, record-breaking Empress of Russia and Empress of Asia joined the fleet. The Empresses consistently broke speed records for the North Pacific and set standards of service and reliability few steamship lines could match.While there were never more than four Empresses in trans-Pacific service at one time, they dominated the North Pacific until World War II. The war brought a dramatic end to the service as all the Empresses were pressed into action as troop ships. Hard cover.

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Pacific Empresses; Canadian Pacific Railway's Empress Liners from Sono Nis

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