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10,000 Hours, A helicopter in the North

Stock #: KB10777
Author: Peter Corley-Smith
Publisher: Sono Nis
Pages: 250

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Karen's Price: $12.95

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10,000 Hours, A helicopter in the North -

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"Amid the ribaldry and outrageous images—helicopters cartwheeling down hillsides, white-outs that disorient even the stablest of personalities—is a feast of detail on flying life that raises the book far above mere folksiness."—TOM KOPPEL, CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC

This is a warm, humorous, and candid look at the helicopter as a bush-flying aircraft, and at the machines and people that opened the North during the post-war years. A first-hand account, it is written by a veteran helicopter bush pilot who flew early Bell 47 helicopters all over the Canadian Arctic in the 1950s and 1960s. Soft cover.

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10,000 Hours, A helicopter in the North from Sono Nis

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