Category: Military > Panzerwrecks 14, Ostfront (Eastern Front) 2

Panzerwrecks 14, Ostfront (Eastern Front) 2

Stock #: KB10740
Publisher: Panzerwrecks
Pages: 96

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Panzerwrecks 14, Ostfront (Eastern Front) 2 - The Eastern Front eviscerated the Wehrmacht. The massive turtle shape of the Russian ISU-152 that fills the gatefold will give you an idea of the size of the enemy forces that opposed the Germans in 1944-45. Nevertheless, the Germans resisted, using every weapon and means at their disposal, from concrete and mesh to infra red rays. Included in this volume are the perfect images for Panzerwrecks 14. Soft cover.

Panzerwrecks 14, Ostfront (Eastern Front) 2 from Panzerwrecks

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