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Reo Trucks 1910-1966 Photo Archive

Stock #: KB10330
Author: Robert Gabrick
Publisher: Iconografix
Pages: 128

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Reo Trucks 1910-1966 Photo Archive - Ransom Eli Olds was best known as the inventor of the Oldsmobile. In 1904 Olds was dissatisfied and left the company, which left time to help create the a new company bearing his initials, the Reo Motor Car Company, in Lansing, Michigan. In 1910, the Reo Motor Truck Company began the production of trucks. Reo's legendary Speed Wagon led the way with shaft-drive, pneumatic tires, electric starters, and electric lights; features found on all competitive makes. The patriotic Reo company produced nearly 29,000 military vehicles from 1940 through 1945. This book covers the story of Reo Trucks through archival photographs to the time when the White Motor Company purchased Reo in 1957.

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Reo Trucks 1910-1966 Photo Archive from Iconografix

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