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American LaFrance 500/600 Photo Archive

Stock #: KB10270
Author: Walter M.P. McCall
Publisher: Iconografix
Pages: 128

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American LaFrance 500/600 Photo Archive - The 1930s was the decade of style - an era of streamlining and bold, futuristic art deco design that influenced the look of everything from jewelry, furniture and skyscrapers to locomotives, ships, automobiles, and Fire engines. The biggest news that eventful year was its ultra-streamlined 500 Series fire apparatus. With its dramatically clean styling the art deco 500 Series suddenly made everything else look old-fashioned. This authoritative, superbly researched and generously illustrated book documents the American-LaFrance 500 and 600 Series' remarkable nine-year production run from the late 1930s through the years immediately following the Second World War. In addition to the big 500/600 Series, the book also covers the lesser known ''junior edition'' B-500 and B-600 Series.

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American LaFrance 500/600 Photo Archive from Iconografix

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