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Tigers and Konigstiger of the LSSAH and s.SS-Pz.Abt 101/501
Stock #: KB11157
Author: Waldemar & Gregor Trojca

List Price: $110.00
Karen's Price: $99.95

Now in Stock! Introductory Offer!

Tigers and Königstiger of the LSSAH and s.SS-Pz.Abt 101/501 is the first volume in the series History and Equipment of the Waffen-SS. It portrays the combat history of the Tigers of 4. (s)Pz.Kp. and 13. (s)Pz.Kp. of  SS-Pz.Gren.Div. Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, and from 22.10.1943 of 1. SS-Pz.Div. Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. The members of these two companies were later used to establish the s.SS-Pz.Abt 101 and 501. In addition to many photographs and organigrams showing the composition of the two companies and two Abteilung, the book contains many colour drawings of Tigers and Königstiger from 1943 to 1945.

This stand-alone volume is a must for historians, modellers and collectors. With English/German text, this large-format, hard cover,  320 page volume includes: 36 pages of text, 282 photographs, including 3 in color, 216 color profiles, 3 color profiles in 3D and 10 organigrams. Hard cover.


Subject: Military

U.S. Aerial Armament in World War II-The Ultimate Look Vol. 3: Air Launched Rockets, Mines, Torpedoes, Guided Missiles and Secret Weapons
Stock #: KB10104
Author: William Wolf

List Price: $69.99
Karen's Price: $63.99

Following his previous "Ultimate Look" volumes on the B-29, B-32, B-18, and B-25, and volumes one and two in this series, Wolf continues his definitive history of U.S. aerial armament in World War II. Drawing from his extensive library, microfilm archives, and technical manuals Wolf covers: Dive Bombers, Fighter Bombers, Rockets, Napalm, Torpedoes, Depth Charges, Aerial Mines, GT-1 Glide Pattern Torpedo, Speedee Bomb, Hydrobomb, Disney Rocket-Assisted Bomb, Very Heavy Conventional Bombs, Atomic Bomb, Poison Gas and Biological Bombs, Leaflets, Animal Aerial Weapons. more»

Subject: Military

Uniforms of the Third Reich - A Study in Photographs
Stock #: 90083
Author: Hayes & Maguire

List Price: $69.95
Karen's Price: $66.95

Hard Cover.Over 400 Color photos!!!

This new book takes a close look at a variety of authentic World War II era German uniforms including examples from the Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS, Allgemeine-SS, Hitler Youth and Political Leaders. The pieces are shown in large full frame front and rear shots, and in painstaking detail to show tailors tags, buttons, insignia detail etc. and allow the reader to see what the genuine article looks like. Various accoutrements worn with the uniforms are also included to aid the collector. more»

Subject: Military

Uniforms of the Waffen-SS Vol.1- Black Service Uniform
Stock #: 90080
Author: Beaver

List Price: $79.95
Karen's Price: $72.95

Hard Cover. Over 500 Color & B/W photos!

This three volume set is unquestionably the best reference on German SS military uniforms ever produced.This spectacular work is a heavily documented record of all major clothing articles of the Waffen-SS.

A large updated chapter on SS camouflage clothing is also provided. more»

Subject: Military

Uniforms of the Waffen-SS Vol.2- Ski Uniforms
Stock #: 90081
Author: Beaver

List Price: $79.95
Karen's Price: $72.95

Hard Cover.Over 500 Color and b/w photos.

Volume 2 covers: 1942, 1943, 1944-1945, Ski Uniforms, Overcoats, White Service Uniforms, Tropical Clothing,Shirts,Sports and Drill Uniforms. more»

Subject: Military

Uniforms of the Waffen-SS Vol.3- Armored Personnel
Stock #: 90082
Author: Beaver

List Price: $79.95
Karen's Price: $72.95

Hard Cover. Over 500 color and b/w photos.

Volume 3 covers: Sports and Drill Uniforms, Black Panzer Uniform, Camouflage, Concentration Camp Personnel, SD, SS Female Auxiliaries. more»

Subject: Military

US HALF-TRACKS M2 - M3 - M5 - M9
Stock #: 90248
Author: GANDER


More US half-tracks were manufactured than any other armoured vehicle. They served wherever the Allies ventured after 1941 (including the Eastern Front) and they were deployed in all manner of combat roles, from personnel carrier (its intended purpose) to self-propelled artillery and more. Detailed guide to the service history, variations & markings. Numerous b/w & colour photos & scale drawings, including many close-up detailed illustrations. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 92049
Author: Paul Gaujac

List Price: $19.95
Karen's Price: $17.95

Soft Cover.

With the help of technical specifications, discover all the cannon used by the American forces campaigning between 1941 and 1945. Field artillery and anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns are presented from the technical and historical point of view.

A chapter is devoted to radio vectors and another to artillery spotting.

Undisputed specialist of 20th Century French Army history and former officer, Paul Gaujac served in the paratroopers, in the air transport command, at the nuclear submarines headquarters and then at that of the Army, finishing his career as head of the Historical Department of the Armée de Terre. Due January, 2009. more»

Subject: Military

V1: The Flying Bomb
Stock #: KB10118
Author: Joachim Engelmann

List Price: $14.99
Karen's Price: $13.99

One of the true land-marks of flight, this book covers its limited yet devastating use during WWII. more»

Subject: Military

V2-Dawn of the Rocket Age
Stock #: KB10115
Author: Joachim Engelmann

List Price: $14.99
Karen's Price: $13.99

The first ballistic missile in its use during WWII. more»

Subject: Military

Victory -Desert Storm
Stock #: 20162
Author: Micheletti&Debay

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $9.95

This all-color photo book records the whole extraordinary story, from the first US deployments to the final surrender of Saddam's legions. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Military

Vietnam - The War in the Air
Stock #: 20167
Author: Col. Gene Gurney, USAF


Dust cover in very good condition. A pictorial history of the U.S. Air Forces in the Vietnam War. Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Military

Volkswagens of the Wehrmacht
Stock #: 90051
Author: Hans-Georg Mayer-Stein

List Price: $24.95
Karen's Price: $21.95

Hard Cover. Over 300 B/W photos !!

Covers the numerous Volkswagen trucks and cars used by the Wehrmacht during WWII. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 90072
Author: Walther

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $25.95

Hard Cover.Covers all divisions of the SS panzer corps in over 500 photos and covers the formation and combat throughout WWII. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 92040H
Author: Stephen Tanner

List Price: $27.95
Karen's Price: $25.95

Hard Cover.

In The Wars of the Bushes: A Father and Son as Military Leaders, military historian Stephen Tanner describes the four major military conflicts launched by the presidents Bush. After a brief description of America’s military experience from Vietnam to the end of the Cold War, he begins his in-depth examinations with the invasion of Panama and the Gulf War, which were launched by Bush the elder. Both were characterized by decisive, overwhelming force, matching military capability to geopolitical goals with decisive results.

Having positioned America as the moral, as well as military, leader of the world, Bush the elder also cushioned the collapse of the Soviet Union with diplomacy rather than warfare, an achievement that may have been his greatest triumph. bush,vietnam,gulf,war,panama,military,Taliban,Al Qaeda,Iraq,new york,ny. more»

Subject: Military

Wehrmacht Heer - Camouflage Colors 1939 -1945
Stock #: 90043
Author: Thomas Chory Translated by Charles Kliment


Detailed description of the development of German camouflage and the used RAL colors, the ultimate book on German WW II camouflage patterns and colors. Over 70 pages, color and black-and-white photographs, additional color photographs of original equipment, sprayed color swatches of 25 Wehrmacht Heer RAL camouflage colors. german,camouflage,ral,colors,ral colors,ww II, patterns,equipment,photographs,military,wehrmacht heer,wehrmacht,heer. more»

Subject: Military

World War 2 Tanks
Stock #: 90010
Author: G . FORTY

List Price: $34.95
Karen's Price: $29.95

WWII tanks in action! In addition to the many light, medium, heavy and super-heavy tanks profiled, this book features many other variants including OP and Command tanks, bridgelayers, mine-clearance tanks, tank dozers and armored recovery vehicles. Illustrated with many photographs taken on the battlefield, and others of carefully restored tanks from private collections and museums around the world including the Imperial War Museum, the Tank Museum in Great Britain, and the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor, Fort Knox, Kentucky. 264 b&w ill., 41 color. Hard Cover.light tanks,medium tanks,heavy tanks,super heavy tanks,command,tanks,bridgelayers,mine-clearance tanks,tank dozers,armored,recovery,vehicles,restored tanks,color photos tanks,ww II,fighting,armour. more»

Subject: Military

World War II Allied Vehicles
Stock #: 90007

List Price: $44.95
Karen's Price: $39.95

Making use of full color illustration and close-up details, this book displays faithfully restored examples of Allied vehicles and weapons from WWII. Sherman and Cromwell tanks, M3 Halftracks, and a variety of soft-skinned vehicles and artillery pieces are included. Suermondt had unrestricted access to the famous Wheatcroft collection in compiling this book. more»

Subject: Military

World War II Wehrmacht Vehicles:Colour Close Up
Stock #: 90089


Hard Cover.200 pages of Color Photos!

In this companion volume to World War II Allied Vehicles, photographer Jan Suermondt offers a gallery of close-up studies of German army tanks, trucks, half-tracks, motorbikes, armored vehicles and guns for the information and pleasure of military historians, restorers, modelers and enthusiasts alike.

Highlights include Panzer II and III tanks, a variety of half-tracks, Hetzer, BMW R12 and R35 motorcycles, artillery pieces and unusual support items such as radio trucks and a field kitchen. allied,vehicles,military,wwII,army,tanks,guns,panzer,half tracks,hetzer,bmw r12,r35,motorcycles,radio,trucks,panzer II,panzer III,wehrmacht. more»

Subject: Military

Zundapp KS 601: A Legend on Wheels
Stock #: 90065
Author: Scharfenberg

List Price: $9.95
Karen's Price: $8.95

Soft Cover. Over 100 B/W photos!!This book is a concise look into the German Zundapp firm's history within the framework of one if its most successful motorcycle designs: the KS 601. more»

Subject: Military

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