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Union Pacific's Feather River Route - DVD
Stock #: UPFR-DVD

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $26.95

In 1982, the Western Pacific system, including the Feather River Canyon route, was purchased by the Union Pacific. Step back to 1991 to watch as Union Pacific sends doublestack and intermodal trains through the Canyon’s challenging terrain. Unit grain trains, steel trains, and others led by Dash 8-40CWs, Dash 8-40Cs and SD40-2s, wind their way past the vertical cliffs that rise from the track bed. All the well-known landmarks are featured here: Keddie Wye, Williams Loop, James, Clio Trestle, Pulga, and others. Plus, 20 minutes of bonus footage takes you trackside to witness the rerailment of cars after a derailment at Pulga in 1984. more»

Subject: DVD

Union Pacific's Oregon Blues: The La Grande Sub

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $14.95

Oregon's Blue Mountains, known as The Blues, are a formidable challenge to the trains of Union Pacific. 2.2% grades and tight curves means helpers, and UP uses distributed power on heavy trains. 90 Minutes. DVD more»

Subject: DVD

Union Pacific's Triple Track Main - DVD

List Price: $35.95
Karen's Price: $33.95

Awesome action on the busiest piece of freight railroad in the world, with an average of 125 trains in 24 house. Loads of SD90MACs and C60AC’s on manifests, coal trains & intermodals, plus CNW and SP power and run-throughs and more. Two Hours. more»

Subject: DVD

Union Pacific’s Mighty Turbines - DVD
Stock #: UPT-DVD
Author: Pentrex

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $26.95

Union Pacific has always been on the cutting edge of locomotive technology. In the 1950s, it became the only railroad ever to place a fleet of gas turbine electric locomotive into regular mainline service. 46 Minutes. UP, union pacific, technology, gas turbine, electric, mainline, UP, turbine, gas, freight more»

Subject: DVD

Wedges, Rotaries & More - DVD
Stock #: WR&M-DVD

List Price: $24.95
Karen's Price: $22.95

The railroads battle with snow is legendary. Machines of Iron brings you action shots of wedge plows, both steam and diesel rotaries and a modern day Jordan spreader. The railroads represented are: Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, Denver & Salt Lake, Southern Pacific, Wyoming Colorado, Cumbres & Toltec, and Kyle. Enjoy these seldom recorded views of the railroads battle with Mother Nature's snow. more»

Subject: DVD

Western Pacific Remembered - DVD
Stock #: KB10591
Author: Charles Smiley

List Price: $29.50
Karen's Price: $24.95

DVD. Visit the Western Pacific from both sides of the San Francisco Bay down to Niles Jct. and then on the San Jose branch and return to Niles Jct. for a ride through Niles Canyon. Then from Altamont Pass we run to Stockton, Sacramento and all thegreat locations to Oroville. Oroville to Keddie brings more trains and great scenery. We run to Bieber on a freight and then return to Keddie to run to Portola. From Portola we ride locals to Reno and Loyalton. From there we review the run over the Great Basin Desert to Salt Lake City. See things that have been removed forever. This ambitious project brings all vintage, color movie scenes shot by6 cinematographers in 8 and 16-mm film. See film shot in the CZ cab and on locals and freight trains. Lots of scenes shot from trackside and other points of view. This will bring you what it was like to work for a fine railroad. We feature many special maps made for this video, train sounds and informative narration. more»

Subject: DVD

Western Pacific Vintage West - DVD
Stock #: D122-DVD

List Price: $29.50
Karen's Price: $26.50

Covers the late steam to early diesel, 50s through 1980 with freight and passenger plus lots of extras such as the Western Pacific's rail ferry, Oro Dam Constructor Railroad, Sacramento Northern and Feather River Railway logging line. more»

Subject: DVD

Western Pacific: The Last Decade - DVD
Stock #: D113-DVD

List Price: $26.50
Karen's Price: $24.50

See Western Pacific in the diesel years to its demise in the early 80s. Covers California Zephyr, freights, switchers, see Altamont Pass, Stockton and Milpitas, California. View the famous scenic Feather River Canyon with appearances BN, GN, and CB&Q appearances.


Subject: DVD

Women in World War II
Stock #: KB10840

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $14.95

Whether it was by volunteering on the home front, serving in the military or working on production lines, women were definitely America’s secret weapon during World War II. Before the Second World War, women were viewed mainly as wives and mothers. But during the war, that all changed. See how in Women in World War II, a special collection of 12 National Archives films, including one featuring Eleanor Roosevelt in color! “It began with Rosie the Riveter, the iconic image of the young woman in a headscarf and overalls who, along with her real-life contemporaries, stepped onto factory lines across America to produce the machinery of World War II. But it didn’t stop there; Army nurses, WAACs…for the first time ‘a woman’s place’ became the workplace and the social revolution that demanded career opportunities for women was born. From the vaults of the National Archives now come the priceless films that chronicled the war years and the working lives of these patriotic and determined women.”

  • Women in Defense - 1941
  • Woman Power - 1942
  • Glamour Girls of 1943
  • Women of Steel - 1943
  • Training Women for War Productions – 1942 IN COLOR!
  • It’s Your War, Too - 1944
  • The Hidden Army - 1944
  • No Exceptions - 1943
  • Night Shift - 1942
  • We’re in the Army Now - 1943
  • The Army Nurse - 1945
  • Women in Combat – 1993 IN COLOR! more»
  • Subject: DVD

    Workin' on the Railroad - DVD
    Stock #: WOTR-DVD

    List Price: $29.95
    Karen's Price: $26.95

    Visit a tie replacement and surfacing gang to witness the amazing parade of equipment they utilize. Tour a major shop to see how coal hoppers are built. Watch undercutting machines cleaning ballast on BNSF. Experience the P-811 concrete tie layer as it lifts welded rail, removes old ties, replaces them with new ones, and puts the rail back in place, all in one continuous movement! more»

    Subject: DVD

    Workin' on the Union Pacific - DVD
    Stock #: WOTUP-DVD

    List Price: $29.95
    Karen's Price: $26.95

    Includes six rare UP publicity and training films that have never before been released to the general public. Produced by UP during the 1970s, these films are made available in cooperation with the UP Historical Society. more»

    Subject: DVD

    Yellowhead Winter - DVD (Canadian Rail)
    Stock #: HIGHRA04-DVD

    List Price: $19.95
    Karen's Price: $18.95

    Ride Via's famed flagship train #1, "The Canadian" west from Edmonton through Canada's magnificent Rocky Mountains via Yellowhead Pass. Along the way you'll see the ride from the train, the train in the scenery, some CN freights, and the winter scenery and the wildlife. Full musical score written especially for this program, and narration to tell you the history of the exploration of the Rockies. Bonus feature- a winter ride through the stunning scenery of the Icefields Parkway - magnificent! more»

    Subject: DVD

    Your Colorful Southern Pacific - DVD
    Stock #: D133-DVD

    List Price: $29.50
    Karen's Price: $27.50

    This was the Southern Pacific at work on the Yuma District of the Sunset Route. See mixed freights and intermodal trains as well as locals & transfer freights. Also includes foreign and pool-power. Visit Imperial Valley lines to remember the Sugarbeet trains of the SP. Don’t miss the cab ride on the SP-owned Carriso Gorge line just before hurricane Kathleen closed it to through traffic in 1976. DVD more»

    Subject: DVD

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