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Yakima Valley Transportation Company
Stock #: 13780
Author: Kenneth G. Johnsen

List Price: $21.98
Karen's Price: $20.95

The National Register of Historic Places lists the Yakima Valley Transportation Company (YVT) as the last intact early 20th century electric interurban railroad in America. From its beginning in 1907, the YVT was no quitter, surviving a takeover by the Union Pacific, large financial losses as the last trolley railroad in Washington state, attempts at dieselization, and a concerted effort to put the company in its grave. This book is the most authoritative chronicle of the famous YVT yet compiled. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Yard Bull
Stock #: 12982
Author: Dean O'Shea

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $21.95

Written by a modern-day, Burlington-Northern Special Agent (railroad police), Dean O'Shea's memoir takes his reader on a fast-paced ride as he fights criminals and his conscience in a world unlike any other where roaming felons make the laws, and the work environment can kill you. He also shares his personal life and the unexpected lessons learned while working the wrong side of the tracks. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Yesterday We Were in America: Alcock & Brown First to Fly the Atlantic Non-stop
Stock #: 80053
Author: Brendan Lynch

List Price: $34.95
Karen's Price: $31.95

On 14 June 1919 John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown took off from Newfoundland in their open-cockpit Vickers Vimy converted bomber to attempt a non-stop crossing of the Atlantic. Some 16 hours later they landed at Derrygimla in Connemara, Ireland, to become national heroes. Navigating blind for most of the way, they had flown almost 1,900 miles, the longest distance ever flown by man. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

York County Trolleys (Maine)
Stock #: 18818
Author: O. R. Cummings

List Price: $19.99
Karen's Price: $18.95

This book includes vintage photos of the more than 100 miles of trolley lines from 1907 through 1922. A visual journey from Kittery to Old Orchard Beach, from Old Orchard to Portland, and inland to Eliot, South Berwick, and Sanford. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Yosemite Valley Railroad
Stock #: 18657
Author: Leroy Radanovich

List Price: $21.99
Karen's Price: $20.95

The Yosemite Valley Railroad was constructed as a badly need convetance to Yosemite Valley in the days before the automobile. From 1906 until World War II, timber, gold, barium, limestone, freight, and visitors rode the rails to Yosemite National Park on this line. The author, a photographer, writer, historian and lifelong resident of Mariposa County, presents more than 200 images following the life span of the Yosemite Valley Railroad. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Yreka Western Railroad
Stock #: 11159

List Price: $21.99
Karen's Price: $19.95

The city of Yreka was determined to have a railroad. When Southern Pacific decided in 1883 to bypass yreka, the citizens constructed their own railroad known as the Yreka Railroad Company. In the 1930's the railroad was reincorporated as the Yreka Western Railroad. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

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