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Mack EB-EC-ED-EE-EF-EG-DE 1936-1951 Photo Archive
Stock #: KB10324
Author: Thomas E. Warth

List Price: $14.95
Karen's Price: $13.95

127 rare B&W photos from the Mack Trucks Historical Museum Archives. Featured trucks are the light & medium-duty models in the Mack E range, approximately 37,000 of which were built. Traffic-type (cab-over-engine) & conventional trucks are depicted with a variety of bodies & paint schemes. more»

Subject: Trucks

Mack FC-FCSW-NW 1936-1947 Photo Archive
Stock #: KB10325
Author: Thomas E. Warth

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $19.95

132 rare B&W photos from the Mack Trucks Historical Museum Archives. Built to order for mining & construction companies, the huge chain-driven super-duty models depicted here replaced the venerable Mack Bulldog. more»

Subject: Trucks

Mack Model B 1953-1966 Volume 2 Photo Archive
Stock #: KB10328
Author: Thomas E. Warth

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $27.95

All new B&W photos from the Mack Truck Historical Museum Archives. More of the great Mack B photos that you have asked for. Like Volume 1, this book shows the Mack B in use, in a wide variety of body configurations and paint schemes. more»

Subject: Trucks

Muscle Trucks: High Performance Pickups
Stock #: KB10313
Author: Mike Mueller

List Price: $19.95
Karen's Price: $18.95

The American pickup has always been known for its hard-working, easy handling nature, but has mainly served as a light workhorse. As pickups became more mainstream, many were created with high-performance in mind. Dubbed Muscle Trucks - the roots of these prestigious pickups go back to 1955, when Chevrolet introduced the Cameo Carrier. While not a hot rod, the Cameo was super cool and it proved that customers would buy a truck that could play as well as work. Ford then followed with its crossover pioneer, the Ranchero, which was half car, half truck. The Ranchero inspired Chevrolet's El Camino, and both of these hybrids featured high-performance variations before all was said and done. more»

Subject: Trucks

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