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DCC Projects & Applications
Stock #: 12697
Author: Mike Polsgrove

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $17.95

This book takes the reader through a series of DCC projects, including setting up a DCC layout, decoder installation, lighting effects, sound effects, layout wiring projects, advanced decoder programming, and tips and ideas for advanced DCC projects. For beginners and experts alike, this book includes tips, techniques, and photographic instruction. Also includes a glossary and a list of important considerations for choosing a DCC system. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

DCC Projects & Applications, Volume 2
Stock #: 17601
Author: Mike Polsgrove

List Price: $19.95
Karen's Price: $18.95

Digital control can deliver more-realistic operation of locomotives, layouts, and accessories. The trick is getting help with planning of a new layout for DCC operation or converting an existing conventionally wired layout. This book answers questions about starting with or upgrading DCC equipment, selecting state-of-the-art gear, and installing and operating these new electronics. This volume is based on real readers’ problems and gives real-world solutions that apply to commonly available contemporary equipment. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

DL&W Railroad Motive Power Department Classification of Locomotives
Stock #: 16078

List Price: $30.00
Karen's Price: $27.95

A classification of locomotive of the motive power department of the Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company. A classification of locomotives revised as of July 1, 1939. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

DRGW 6700 Series Class 28 Idler Flats - Quick Pic Book
Stock #: 13597

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $17.95

A new book on the DRGW 6700 series, class 28 Idler Flats. Spiral Bound. more»

Subject: Trains

DRGW T-12 Class Locos 168 & 169 - Quick Pic
Stock #: 13598
Author: Tim Mulina


Covers DRGW T-12 class locos 168 & 169. Originally built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1883. Built as Class 47 locomotives, they would later become the T-12 class. These are the 2 sole survivors of this class of Denver & Rio Grande Western locomotives. Spiral bound.


Subject: Trains

David Plowden: Vanishing Point Fifty Years of Photography
Stock #: 12989
Author: Plowden

List Price: $100.00
Karen's Price: $89.95

David Plowden's beautiful B&W photos document a disappearing landscape of industry, the railroad trains, small towns, devices, and structures. This is a visual record on the land over the last half-century. "No one has photographed America as has David Plowden. He is one of the great artists of our time". Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Delaware & Hudson Canal, A History From the Coalfields to the Hudson
Stock #: 14845
Author: L. Lowenthal

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $24.95

This history will appeal not only to those interested in the canal but also to fans of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad. 250 illustrations. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Delaware & Hudson: Thunder & Lightning Stripes
Stock #: 17727
Author: Jaime F. M. Serensits

List Price: $19.95
Karen's Price: $17.95

Covers the D&H from the 1970s to the 80s. Includes spectacular color photography in the Northeast including Binghamton, Oneonta, Starrucca Viaduct, Mechanicville, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown and more. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Delaware Lackawanna & Western RR Co. Motive Power Department
Stock #: 13876

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $75.00

This is a classification of locomotives which was revised in 1939. Includes index and classification of locomotives, a list of engines in active service and blue prints of the locomotives and more. Soft cover more»

Subject: Trains

Denver & Rio Grande: The Early Years
Stock #: KB11193
Author: Mallory Hope Ferrell

List Price: $79.95
Karen's Price: $69.95

New in Stock - Introductory Offer!   

It was a glorious period that has been termed the days of “wooden cars and iron men.” Today it is difficult to even comprehend the tremendous amounts of energy, manpower and money that went into constructing the Denver & Rio Grande into and across the Rocky Mountains. The courage, determination and sheer guts of such an undertaking are impressively apparent today on the two remaining portions of three-foot gauge trackage out of Durango, Colorado and Chama, New Mexico.

After over 60 years of research and what the late Robert W. Richardson termed “picture hunting”, this book is a pictorial history of the D&RG’s narrow gauge. The Rio Grande Glory Days are preserved here in rare old photographs and art. Climb aboard for the ride of your life as we relive the days when the world and the Rio Grande were young. Almost every quality photograph available from 1873 to 1921 has been included in this volume. No Rio Grande or early railroading enthusiast will want to be without Ferrell's 22nd (and last) book. Hard cover.


Subject: Trains

Desert Railroading
Stock #: 16672
Author: Steve Schmollinger

List Price: $46.95
Karen's Price: $39.95

This excellent book provides a variety of shots from a number of railroads such as the BNSF, UP, D&RGW, SP, WP, Amtrak, Nevada & Northern, Trona Railway, Copper Basin Railway, Southwestern Portland Cement, San Manual Arizona Railroad, Arizona & California. Hundreds of color photos. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Detroit's Michigan Central Station
Stock #: 17547
Author: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

List Price: $21.99
Karen's Price: $20.95

In 1913, the Michigan Central Station opened its majestic entrances to the people of detroit. The depot was a marvel of grandeur and comfort for the traveler lucky enough to utilize its facilities.This book captures the glory of the Michigan Central and its environs from the beginning in 1913 to 1988 when the station began to deteriorate. B&W photos. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Diamondbugs: The Story of Rail Motor Cars on the Erie Railroad
Stock #: 15969
Author: Jack Grasso

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $19.95

Includes 82 B&W photos, maps, diagrams and charts. Covers the infant gas cars, Prewar to Postwar, the rail car era on the Erie and more. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Dining on the B&O: Recipes & Sidelights from a Bygone Age
Stock #: 13579
Author: Thomas Greco & Karl Spence

List Price: $34.95
Karen's Price: $31.95

Includes the B&Os own specialty collections of the 1940s & 1950s. The author's made a quest of uncovering the original sources of the recipes used. Along with the recipes are photos of the dining cars, patrons, and staff. 16 color & 25 b&W photos. more»

Subject: Trains

Dinner is Served: Fine Dining Aboard the Southern Pacific
Stock #: 14711
Author: J. Loveland

List Price: $39.95
Karen's Price: $36.95

Southern Pacific provided passengers with unsurpassed meals for 65 years in 140 dining cars, 26 all-day lunch cars and 36 club and observation cars. This book presents an insight into how meals were cooked & organized. Illustrated with 115 illustrations and 36 recipes. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Dixie Limited
Stock #: 18857
Author: Joseph Millichap

List Price: $35.00
Karen's Price: $33.95

The author draws on his personal interest in railroading and his expertise in Southern literature to explore how railroads shaped the development of the south. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Dow's Dictionary of Railway Quotations
Stock #: 12611
Author: Andrew Dow

List Price: $45.00
Karen's Price: $39.95

An authoritative compendium of quotations about railways from 1608 to the present day. More than 3,400 entries are drawn from over 1,300 writers and speakers and a wide range of original sources both British and American—Acts of Parliament, poetry, songs, journals, advertisements, obituaries, novels, histories, plays, films, office memoranda, speeches, newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, and private documents and conversations. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Dreams, Visions & Visionaries: Colorado Rail Annual No. 20
Stock #: 16980

List Price: $42.95
Karen's Price: $29.95

Includes "In the Mountains of Utah", by Jackson Thode and James L. Ozment. Early construction on the Rio Grande in the Utah desert and across Soldier Summit. "General Palmer's Other Narrow Gauge" by Robert A. LeMassena. Mexican National Narrow Gauge. "The Denver Post's Frontier Days Special", by Richard Kreck and Kenton Forrest. "The Greatest Train", by Alexis McKinney. A personal reminiscence of the Frontier Days Train. "Union Pacific's Articulated Steam Power," by R.H. Kindig and R. C. Farewell. Over 300 photos. Hard Cover.


Subject: Trains

Duluth Missabi & Iron Range Equipment
Stock #: KB11304
Author: Daniel P. Holbrook

List Price: $80.00
Karen's Price: $69.95

Introductory Offer !

As with any railroad, the freight and passenger equipment of the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range was the lifeblood of its work. The railroad is famous for its traffic in iron ore, but there were other major parts to its traffic also, such as pulpwood. The fleet of cars of the company, its operations, and the history behind it, are the focus of this book. But the car fleet only makes sense in terms of the industries the railroad served, and a rich trove of information on that subject is here too. The author presents more than 350 photos and graphics, most never before published, to show the appearance of a wide variety of these cars. The company traffic information also fills a gap in our knowledge of railroad history, having no prior presentation at this level of detail.  Hard cover.


Subject: Trains

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge: A Quick History
Stock #: 13436
Author: Duane A. Smith

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $14.95

Includes spectacular engineering feats that were necessary to conquer the rugged, isolated mountain of the San Juan country. Durango was the jumping off point - reached in July, 1881 by the Denver & Rio Grande. 52 illus. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Trains

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