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Stock #: 92040H
Author: Stephen Tanner

List Price: $27.95
Karen's Price: $25.95

Hard Cover.

In The Wars of the Bushes: A Father and Son as Military Leaders, military historian Stephen Tanner describes the four major military conflicts launched by the presidents Bush. After a brief description of America’s military experience from Vietnam to the end of the Cold War, he begins his in-depth examinations with the invasion of Panama and the Gulf War, which were launched by Bush the elder. Both were characterized by decisive, overwhelming force, matching military capability to geopolitical goals with decisive results.

Having positioned America as the moral, as well as military, leader of the world, Bush the elder also cushioned the collapse of the Soviet Union with diplomacy rather than warfare, an achievement that may have been his greatest triumph. bush,vietnam,gulf,war,panama,military,Taliban,Al Qaeda,Iraq,new york,ny. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 90072
Author: Walther

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $25.95

Hard Cover.Covers all divisions of the SS panzer corps in over 500 photos and covers the formation and combat throughout WWII. more»

Subject: Military

Wehrmacht Heer - Camouflage Colors 1939 -1945
Stock #: 90043
Author: Thomas Chory Translated by Charles Kliment


Detailed description of the development of German camouflage and the used RAL colors, the ultimate book on German WW II camouflage patterns and colors. Over 70 pages, color and black-and-white photographs, additional color photographs of original equipment, sprayed color swatches of 25 Wehrmacht Heer RAL camouflage colors. german,camouflage,ral,colors,ral colors,ww II, patterns,equipment,photographs,military,wehrmacht heer,wehrmacht,heer. more»

Subject: Military

World War 2 Tanks
Stock #: 90010
Author: G . FORTY

List Price: $34.95
Karen's Price: $29.95

WWII tanks in action! In addition to the many light, medium, heavy and super-heavy tanks profiled, this book features many other variants including OP and Command tanks, bridgelayers, mine-clearance tanks, tank dozers and armored recovery vehicles. Illustrated with many photographs taken on the battlefield, and others of carefully restored tanks from private collections and museums around the world including the Imperial War Museum, the Tank Museum in Great Britain, and the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor, Fort Knox, Kentucky. 264 b&w ill., 41 color. Hard Cover.light tanks,medium tanks,heavy tanks,super heavy tanks,command,tanks,bridgelayers,mine-clearance tanks,tank dozers,armored,recovery,vehicles,restored tanks,color photos tanks,ww II,fighting,armour. more»

Subject: Military

World War II Allied Vehicles
Stock #: 90007

List Price: $44.95
Karen's Price: $39.95

Making use of full color illustration and close-up details, this book displays faithfully restored examples of Allied vehicles and weapons from WWII. Sherman and Cromwell tanks, M3 Halftracks, and a variety of soft-skinned vehicles and artillery pieces are included. Suermondt had unrestricted access to the famous Wheatcroft collection in compiling this book. more»

Subject: Military

World War II Wehrmacht Vehicles:Colour Close Up
Stock #: 90089


Hard Cover.200 pages of Color Photos!

In this companion volume to World War II Allied Vehicles, photographer Jan Suermondt offers a gallery of close-up studies of German army tanks, trucks, half-tracks, motorbikes, armored vehicles and guns for the information and pleasure of military historians, restorers, modelers and enthusiasts alike.

Highlights include Panzer II and III tanks, a variety of half-tracks, Hetzer, BMW R12 and R35 motorcycles, artillery pieces and unusual support items such as radio trucks and a field kitchen. allied,vehicles,military,wwII,army,tanks,guns,panzer,half tracks,hetzer,bmw r12,r35,motorcycles,radio,trucks,panzer II,panzer III,wehrmacht. more»

Subject: Military

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