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THE TIGER PROJECT - A Series Devoted to Germany's World War II Tiger Tank Crews- Vol. 1
Stock #: 90026
Author: Dale Richard Ritter

List Price: $49.95
Karen's Price: $44.95

This book is the first in a proposed series that will delve into the inner workings of Germany's most fearsome panzers of the Second World War, the Tiger I and Tiger II. This volume covers the events and recollections of Alfred Rubbel of the Schwere Panzer (Tiger) Abteilung 503. It is based on interviews, personal diaries and recollections and presents to the reader the German Tiger and King Tiger crewmen as soldiers who had the opportunity to serve as a member of a crew and unit that fielded an extraordinary weapon.Over 200 photographs, the majority of which have not been previously published. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Military

THE TIGER PROJECT - A Series Devoted to Germany's World War II Tiger Tank Crews- Vol. 2
Stock #: 90027
Author: Dale Richard Ritter

List Price: $49.95
Karen's Price: $44.95

The story combines the experiences of Kronke with approximately 400 photographs (most which are unpublished), hand-drawn maps, and original documents, to tell the story of a veteran of Germanys elite panzerwaffe and feared Tiger tanks. Over 400 b/w photographs and maps. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 90234
Author: Edward M. Sion

List Price: $32.95
Karen's Price: $29.95

Hard Cover.This book provides a comprehensive look at the air war over Europe during the climactic year of World War II, combining firsthand experience with expert analysis.

The centerpiece of the work is a mission-by-mission diary of 1st Lieutenant Richard R. Ayesh, bombadier on a B-17 Flying Fortress, who flew with the 100th Bombardment Group, 13th Combat Wing of the 8th Air Force—the legendary “Bloody 100th.”

He was a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Croix de Guerre, Air Medal with Four Oak Leaf Clusters, and numerous other medals. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 90208
Author: Kleine / Kuhn

List Price: $72.00
Karen's Price: $68.95

Hard Cover. 390 b/w photos and 19 maps.

This is a reprint of a J.J.Fedorowicz Publishing classic on the Tiger I and Tiger II formations of the German Army and Waffen-SS.Also included are unit histories of the Jagdtiger and Sturmtiger formations.

Numerous excellent photographs of the vehicles and their crews!! THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION reprint.

The cover may be different than draft picture shown. more»

Subject: Military

Talisman - A Collection of Nose Art
Stock #: 90039
Author: Donna Campbell

List Price: $49.95
Karen's Price: $44.95

This new collection of nose-art shows in over 650 photographs, many in color, the various "good-luck" figures and symbols as featured on B-17s, B-24s, B-25s, B-29s, P-40s, P-51s as well as foreign aircraft in US markings from all theaters of World War II and Korea. Most of these photographs are published here for the first time, and express the whims and thoughts of crew members as they try to represent in nose-art a shield against bad luck - namely, enemy actions. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Military

Tanks - The 500 Series
Stock #: 90202
Author: Foss

List Price: $14.90
Karen's Price: $9.95

Soft Cover. 2003.The tanks of the world in 500 great photos.

This book comprises more than 500 pictures of tanks. Some of these are very well known- such as the Tiger,Panther,T-34,Churchill and Sherman- but some lesser known anf experimental vehicles have also been included. more»

Subject: Military

The 88mm Flak
Stock #: 90061
Author: Muller

List Price: $9.95
Karen's Price: $8.95

All new photo collection of the famed 88mm in its anti-air and tank roles on a variety of war fronts. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Military

The 88mm Flak During WW II
Stock #: 90060
Author: Muller

List Price: $9.95
Karen's Price: $8.95

Soft Cover.Covers the 88 mm flak and its use by German forces during WWII. more»

Subject: Military

The Combat History of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503, In Action in the East and West with the Tiger I and II
Stock #: 90014
Author: Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503 Veteran’s Association

List Price: $88.00
Karen's Price: $79.95

This is the first unit history of the Tiger battalions we will publish. It features lots of first-hand accounts of this, the senior Tiger battalion of the German Army. Besides an exciting text, this volume also features 190 photo pages with nearly 300 photos, a good percentage of which have never been published before. Hard cover, large format (9"x12"), 190 photo pages, numerous diagrams and charts. more»

Subject: Military

The Combat History of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 507, In Action in the East and West with the Tiger I and Tiger II
Stock #: 90015
Author: Helmut Schneider

List Price: $66.00
Karen's Price: $63.95

This account of the battalion was written primarily by former members of the unit and features almost all first-hand accounts. In addition, numerous appendices amplifying much of the material have been provided.

These include an extensive chronology of the battalion and additional background material on the “parent” formation of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 507 — Panzer-Regiment 4 — including the late-war history of elements of the regiment in both Hungary and Italy.

Hard cover, large format (9"x12") 223 pages with 11 pages of color illustrations, one page of color photographs and more than 150 additional illustrations and period photographs

(including all of the photographs contained in the original German-language edition of the book as well as images obtained from a variety of other sourcesschwere,Panzer,Abteilung,Abteilung 507,Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 507,Paderborn,SS-Panzer Brigade,Westfalen,Jagdpanther,Jagdtiger,Hetzer,Panzer-Regiment 4,schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503,schwere Panzer-Abteilung 508. more»

Subject: Military

The Combat History of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 508
Stock #: 90017
Author: schwere Panzer-Abteilung 508 Veteran’s Association

List Price: $50.00
Karen's Price: $48.95

This is a great companion volume to the recently published Combat History of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503. It’s not as large because not as much information or photos are available, but it is very comprehensive and provides about as complete an overview of the battalion as you are likely to get. Hard cover, large format (9"x12"), 188 pages with 199 photos (many never-before published) and 8 pages of color artwork by Jean RestaynPanzer-Abteilung 508,Panzer,Abteilung 508,Panzer-Abteilung 503,Tiger,Combat,History,photos. more»

Subject: Military

The Combat History of schwere Panzer-Jäger-Abteilung 654, In Action in the East and West with the Ferdinand and the Jagdpanther
Stock #: 90013
Author: Karlheinz Münch

List Price: $99.00
Karen's Price: $85.95

More great Ferdinand photos and, if you're tired of seeing the same old photos of the Jagdpanther, this book will be especially enjoyable for you

There are at least 100 photos of the rare beast, of which about 90% are previously unpublished.

Approximately 200 pages of text, 50 diagrams, 40 pages of color artwork and more than 700 photos, most of which are previously unpublished and a great many of which deal with the Ferdinand and the Jagdpanther. Hard Cover.Large Format (9"x12"). Jagdpanther,Kursk,Ferdinand,tanks,german,panzer,Jäger,Abteilung 654,military. more»

Subject: Military

The Leibstandarte in Greece: The 1st Battalion LSSAH during Operation Marita, 1941
Stock #: KB10751
Author: Branislav Radovic and Martin Stiles

List Price: $69.99
Karen's Price: $64.95

Due April 1st!!! This large-format book contains over 300 previously unpublished photographs in superb high-quality reproduction. Originally photographed in May 1941 by an SS-Kriegsberichter, the book depicts the 1st Battalion, Leibstandarte SS “Adolf Hitler” (LSSAH) during their victorious march through Greece in 1941. Among the many images are notable Waffen-SS personalities – including Peiper, Pleiss, Witt, Wunsche, Meyer, Wittmann, Himmler, and Dietrich – as well as clear, professional images of uniforms, vehicles and equipment, all fully captioned. Also included is a brief summary and map of the campaign, rank insignia illustrations, glossary of terms, plus several “then and now” images of the battalion crossing the Gulf of Patras in pursuit of retreating Allied forces. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Military

The M-1 Helmet of the World War II GI
Stock #: KB10101
Author: Pieter Oosterman

List Price: $89.99
Karen's Price: $79.99

The development and combat use of the U.S. World War II era, fixed bail‚ M-1 helmet is covered in this all new volume. Years of research has resulted in this well-balanced and complete work, which includes previously unknown material and unique examples of the M-1 helmet. Much attention is given to the many specific manufacturing details, contract numbers and dates involved in the production of M-1 and M-2 helmets. The museum section of the book contains a wealth of rare liners, unit painted helmets, rank marked helmets, camouflaged helmets, paratrooper helmets, battlefield found helmets and much more! more»

Subject: Military

The Panther Family
Stock #: KB10119
Author: Horst Scheibert

List Price: $14.99
Karen's Price: $13.99

The Panther Family more»

Subject: Military

The Tiger Family
Stock #: 90055
Author: Scheibert

List Price: $9.95
Karen's Price: $8.95

Soft Cover. Covers the development and use of the Tiger family of armored fighting vehicles. more»

Subject: Military

Tiger 1 1942 - 1945, Volume 3
Stock #: KB11192
Author: Waldemar Trojca

List Price: $145.00
Karen's Price: $134.95

Now In Stock ~!

Volume 3 completes the three volume set on the history of the Tiger I tank and the units it served in. While a bit more expensive than volumes 1 and 2, it has been expanded to 520 pages and includes the histories of the following units: s.13./Pz.Rgt. GD, III Tiger Abt./Pz.Rgt. GD, s.8./SS-Pz.Rgt., s.9./3. SS-Pz..Rgt., s.Pz. Abt. (Fkl.) 301, Tiger Kp. Meyer, Pz.Kp. Hummel, Tiger Gruppe Fehrmann, Panzerkompanie Paderborn, Panzerkompanie Panther, Panzerabteilung Kummersdorf/ Munchenberg. Additional photos have been included for the following Panzer Abteilungen: 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 508, 509, and 424.

Also included is the continuation of the combat histories in 1944 and 1945 of the heavy tank battalions s.Pz.Abt. 501 through 510. In addtion units 13. s.Pz.Kp./SS-Pz.Rgt. 1 LSSAH until April 1944 and s.SS.Pz.Abt. 101 from November 1943 - August 1944 are also covered.1

The author has also added some photos which have been discovered since volumes 1 and 2 were published. For example, there are 30 photos from s. Panzer Abteilung 509, including a real nice one of a Königstiger.

The book contains 543 photos (either new or graphically improved), 174 new color profiles (includes some for units in two previous volumes), and 67 organigrams of all units in the three volumes. A number of photos and profiles of Panzer IIIs have also been included, as for a time they also served with the first five Tiger tank battalions. Hard cover.


Subject: Military

Tiger 1 and Sturmtiger in Detail
Stock #: KB10789
Author: Bruce Culver / Uwe Feist

List Price: $60.00
Karen's Price: $49.95

Back in print by popular demand! Newly reprinted, this is the excellent follow-up to the original Tiger I in Detail. Jam-packed with large clear photos of the big cat in action. This is a detailed view of these two important vehicles, including data and documentation on basic structure, complete equipment and ammunition stowage arrangements. It also covers the many parts and assemblies that comprise a main battle tank as well as physical and mechanical details of the Sturmtiger self-propelled 38cm rocket mortar. Tiger I and Sturmtiger in Detail will satisfy your need for a comprehensive coverage of this most popular tank in history. English text, 55 color illustrations and 363 black & white photos. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Military

Tiger 1942-1943, Volume 1
Stock #: 90122
Author: Waldemar Trojca


This is a NEW book from Waldemar Trojca, and if you seen his work, it is exemplary. This volume includes 560 black/white photos (many previously unpublished), 50 pages of text, 88 pages of color (including color profiles and 3D color representations) and many detailed line drawings. This volume covers the years from 1942 to 1943. Also included is a separate map book that will have approximately 40 pages of color maps, and 2 separate large maps that will detail the movements and actions of the various Tiger units. The text includes technical development of the tank, and a combat history of each Tiger unit, 501-511. Hard cover.


Subject: Military

Tiger 1944-1945, Volume 2
Stock #: 90123
Author: Waldemar Trojca

List Price: $130.00
Karen's Price: $124.95

Volume 2 ~ TIGER Technical and Operational History will have approximately 88 pages of color profiles and 3D representations, 560 Black & White photographs and many line drawings. This volume covers the years 1944 to 1945. Also covered are the battalions 501-511 and 3 Waffen-SS battalions, the Grossdeutschland Tiger battalion and the various independent companies. Volume 1 & 2 will be the most comprehensive source to date on the history of the Tiger 1. Hard cover.


Subject: Military

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