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Rations of the German Wehrmacht in WWII
Stock #: 80055
Author: Jim Pool

List Price: $79.95
Karen's Price: $69.95

Lavishly illustrated with over 600 photographs and over 200 charts, wartime advertisements and other educational aids, it represents the most accurate and detailed look at the rations provided to the German soldier in World War II. Relying mainly on wartime German and American references, most unknown to the general public, this book dispels the many myths associated with German rations of World War II. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Military

Red Flag: Survival of the Fittest - VHS
Stock #: AV088

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $9.95

Fly with the top fighter pilots as they hone their skills in the world's most realistic air-combat training. The sky screams with planes from F-4s, F-5s, F-15s, B-52 bombers and AWACs. All sharing the non-stop intensity of hostile airspace. yes more»

Subject: Military

Regimental Steins of the Kaiser's Cavalry
Stock #: KB10105
Author: Paul Sanders

List Price: $69.99
Karen's Price: $63.99

From the late-1800s up to the beginning of World War I some of the most elegant and colorful regimental steins were produced for Kaiser Wilhelm II's cavalry regiments. The steins presented in this book are organized by cavalry service branch, beginning with the heavy cavalries of Prussia and Saxony, followed by the Hussar and Uhlan (lancer) regiments, and finishing with representative steins of the Mounted Rifle (Jager Zu Pferde) and Dragoon regiments. more»

Subject: Military

Rhine Crossings 1945
Stock #: 90218
Author: K.Ford

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $18.95

Soft Cover.

'The last great heave of war,' according to Churchill, took place with the crossing of the Rhine in 1945. No invading army had crossed this great river since Napoleon's in 1805 and the task fell to Field Marshal Montgomery's 21st Army Group.

Opposing them were the forces of a failing fascist regime, including battalions of old men and boys, strengthened by several formations of crack troops including paratroopers and Panzer Grenadiers.

With an elaborate description of the combined Allied attack, second in magnitude only to the Normandy invasion, this book charts the history of the last great set-piece battle of the war that ultimately brought the defeat of Hitler's Nazi regime one step closer. more»

Subject: Military

Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land
Stock #: 90226
Author: Andrew Wiest

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $20.95

Soft Cover.

Officers from both the NVA and ARVN take a first-hand look at the strategy and tactics of both sides and give critical assessments of where the war went wrong; Le Ly Hayslip, a Vietnamese civilian trapped between the Viet Cong and Southern authorities, provides a harrowing account of life for the typical South Vietnamese civilian caught up in the war; and acclaimed historians and journalists, such as Bernard Edelman and Arnold Isaacs, take a critical look at the many aspects of the war from the river and air wars to the strategy and doctrine used by the USA forces and the controversial roll of the media in the war.

Illustrated with contemporary color photography that evocatively complements the text, this book shows the Vietnam War in a radically new light. more»

Subject: Military

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