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Stock #: 90205
Author: Restayn / Moller

List Price: $98.00
Karen's Price: $89.95

Volume 2 of this series covers the fighting in the northern part of the Kursk salient, where the 9th Armee under its commander Generaloberst Walter Model sought to link up with the forces attacking from the south. Includes military formation insignias, maps and all of the major military vehicles used by the Germans in Operation Citadel. Also they are dozens of tables illustrating orders of battle for both sides as well as vehicle counts and losses for the Germans. Rarely has a military battle been so thoroughly researched and rarely have so many myths concerning a battle been laid to rest. 30 pages of four-color artwork, maps and German military formation insignia. More than 540 photographs (most seen or identified correctly for the first time). Hard cover. german, north, maps, battle, insignia, tank, fedorowicz, military wwII, world, war, wehrmacht, east, russia, russian, model, tiger, panzer more»

Subject: Military

OPERATION GOODWOOD - Normandy, July 1944
Stock #: 92050
Author: Didier Lodieu


Soft Cover.

84 pages color and b/w throughout maps

From July 18 - 20, 1944, British and Canadian forces launched Operation Goodwood in order finally to capture Caen and push the Germans back towards the south, beyond Bourguébus.

Among the armored divisions engaged in the fighting, the book follows the British 11th Armoured Division in particular. In four days, the English advanced over six miles and destroyed more than 100 German tanks but at a cost of 5,500 men and 413 tanks destroyed.

Didier Lodieu is a recognized specialist of the Battle of Normandy and is the author of a number of works on this period. He gives us a different perspective on Operation Goodwood by following the Guards Armoured Division. normandy,british,canadian,Bourguébus,tanks,Operation Goodwood,Guards Armoured Division. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 92051
Author: Ludovic Fortin

List Price: $19.95
Karen's Price: $17.95

Soft Cover.

84 pages color and b/w throughout maps.

In July and August 1944, the Allies launched a number of operations intended to break through the German front line. Operations Totalize and Tractable were intended to drive the Germans back to the south of the Normandy town of Falaise, thus creating the famous "Falaise Gap".

Ludovic Fortin is has become a real specialist on the British Army and of operations in Normandy in particular.

His human approach to events gives a new perspective to the conflicts. 1944,german,Operations Totalize,Tractable,Falaise Gap,normandy,british,army,tanks. more»

Subject: Military

Operation Desert Shield- The First 90 Days
Stock #: 20163
Author: Micheletti & Debay

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $9.95

Here are immediate images of America's crack fast-reaction forces on war alert in some of the most hostile terrain on Earth; and here too are among the first pictures published of some of the main Arab contingents. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Military

Otto Carius - Limited Edition
Stock #: KB10713
Author: Uwe Feist


Meine Dienstzeit meaning “My Military Service” 1940-45 is a look at the life of Otto Carius, famous German Tiger I commander of WWII. Photos and stories chronicle Otto Carius’ entrance into the Wehrmacht as a volunteer, his life as a soldier, and his victories as a Panzer commander for three and a half years on the Eastern Front. Detailed photos and illustrations of his numerous medals, decorations and documents as well as an interview with Otto Carius about his time in the military. The book also contains excerpts from his book “Tiger im Schlamm” (first edition printed 1960). Oberleutnant Otto Carius, October 1944, became the youngest Reserve Officer in the Wehrmacht to receive the Oak Leaves (issue Nr.535). A total of 882 Oak leaves were awarded by the 9. May 1945. The first copy of this book was presented on April 24, 2012 to Herr Otto Carius in honor of his 90th birthday (27. May 2012). This books comes with the Book, Dustjacket and Slipcase. English text. Over 300 color and B/W photos. Hard cover more»

Subject: Military

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