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Stock #: 92042
Author: Jonathan Gawne

List Price: $24.95
Karen's Price: $21.95

Soft Cover.The book gives an overview of the Army in World War II, from the basics up. Learn the difference between a corporal and a major, or a squad and a brigade. What can you tell from a serial number? What is the difference between the quartermaster corps and the transportation corps? What was the path most soldiers took from civilian life to trained soldier?

What (and where) is the ETO, PTO and ATO? All the basic facts you need to understand Army service in WW2.Color illustrations of campaign ribbons, decorations and insignia accompany the detailed text. ETO,PTO,ATO,serial number,soldier,ranks,ribbons,decorations,military. more»

Subject: Military

Falcon Domain - VHS
Stock #: AV020

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $9.95

From the LANTIRN infrared night attack systems to the ride of your life with the Thunderbirds, this video is a must for your collection. Gives seat-of-your-pants thrills and is the next best thing to being in the cockpit! yes more»

Subject: Military

Field Uniforms of Germany’s Panzer Elite
Stock #: 90016
Author: Robert J. Edwards, Jr. & Michael H. Pruett

List Price: $84.00
Karen's Price: $79.95

The second and final volume of this series, featuring the Panzer uniforms of the Waffen SS, Großdeutschland, Hermann Göring, Afrika Korps, Feldherrnhalle, Panzer Lehr, etc

The 64 pages of color showcase many magnificent original uniform pieces. The book contains many previously unpublished armor photos

GPE also contains a large photo addendum containing some of those wild and wacky Panzer uniforms the authors have been well known for as well as an extensive errata section concerning the first volume. For the collector, hobbyist or German armor enthusiast.

Hard cover, large format (9"x12"), 332 pages, 450 b&w photographs, 110 color photographs. more»

Subject: Military

Funklenkpanzer,The History of German Army Remote
Stock #: 90020
Author: Markus Jaugitz

List Price: $99.00
Karen's Price: $85.95

An absolute must for the discriminating armor fan — more than 800+ photos, most of which have been previously unpublished.

Besides never-before published photos of the demolitions carriers and the mine-clearing vehicles, there are hundreds of great shots of the command and control vehicles: the kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen, the Leitpanzer III, the Sturmgeschütz III and the Tiger.

Hard cover, large format (9x12), 610 pages total with 800+ photos, 32 pages of color artwork by Jean Restayn and 76 pages of organigrams by Waldemar Trojca. Funklenkpanzer, German, Army, Remote, Radio, Armor Units, remote, radio, armor,units, Panzerjäger-Abteilung, Elefant, Ferdinand, kleiner, Panzerbefehlswagen, Leitpanzer III, Sturmgeschütz III,Tiger,tanks,tank,automobiles,automobile. more»

Subject: Military

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