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D DAY NORMANDY -Weapons, Uniforms, Military Equipment
Stock #: 90237
Author: F Bertin

List Price: $24.95
Karen's Price: $19.95

Soft Cover.Full color throughout.

A complete panorama of the weapons, uniforms and military equipment of all the soldiers that fought at D-Day, both Allied and Axis, illustrated with more than 300 specially commissioned full color photographs.

Everything from weapons, helmets, uniforms, vehicles, canteens, personal equipment and much more are shown here in precise detail. The photographs are accompanied by detailed captions explaining what is shown.

Francois Bertin is a leading D Day historian and collector. His insightful narrative and captions will be of great interest to all collectors of World War II uniforms and equipment and the detailed photographs will be of interest to military modelers. d-day,soldiers,weapons,helmets,uniforms, vehicles,canteens,personal equipment,military,WW II,modelers. more»

Subject: Military

D-Day: The Lost Evidence
Stock #: KB10032
Author: Chris Going

List Price: $24.95
Karen's Price: $22.95

On the night of 5th June 1944, the greatest armada the world has seen sailed into the stormy waters of the English Channel. After 5 years of war in the European Theater, its goal was no less than the liberation of Occupied Europe and the defeat of Nazi Germany. As dawn broke on 6th June, the allied generals and leaders waited for news. There was only one way the true state of the battle could be seen - from above. Later dispersed and scattered to archives and collections around the world, these classified images, this lost evidence of D-Day, has now been painstakingly tracked down and re-assembled. Pieced together and digitally enhanced using the latest imagery technology, this lost evidence of D-Day can at last be seen. more»

Subject: Military

Stock #: 90233
Author: Robert L. Tonsetic

List Price: $32.95
Karen's Price: $29.95

Hard Cover.Days of Valor covers the height of the Vietnam War,from the nervous period just before Tet,through the defeat of that offensive, to the highly underwritten yet equally bloody NVA counteroffensive launched in May 1968.

The book ends with a brief note about the 199th LIB being deactivated in spring 1970, furling its colors after suffering 753 dead and some 5,000 wounded.

The brigade had only been a temporary creation, designed for one purpose. Though its heroism is now a matter of history, it should remain a source of pride for all Americans.vietnam,war,military,tet,nva,valor,history,soldiers. more»

Subject: Military

Das Reich I
Stock #: 90021
Author: Otto Weidinger

List Price: $36.00
Karen's Price: $32.95

The first of a 5-volume set, this volume covers the 2. SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich" from its formation in 1934 to the conclusion of the Polish Campaign in 1939. A lot of detail on the formation of the SS. Hard cover, small format (9"x6"), 304 pages, 115 photographs, 13 maps, charts and tables. ss, panzer, reich, das reich, ss panzer, waffen, reich more»

Subject: Military

Das Reich II
Stock #: 90022
Author: Otto Weidinger

List Price: $44.00
Karen's Price: $35.95

This volume covers actions in Holland, France, Yugoslavia and Russia (until August 1941) in great detail. An excellent fighting record of this elite Waffen SS unit. Hard cover, small format (9"x6"), 400 pages, 108 photographs 20 maps, charts and tables. holland, yugoslavia, russia, france, waffen, ss, das, reich, das reich, panzer, 2.ss panzer, tank, military more»

Subject: Military

Das Reich III
Stock #: 90023
Author: Otto Weidinger

List Price: $48.00
Karen's Price: $39.95

Hard cover, small format (6"x9"), 496 pages with 85 photos and 19 maps. This is the third volume of the five-volume series.

This volume traces the path of the division from the late summer of 1942 until the beginning of 1943 and its evolution from a motorized rifle division to a SS-Panzergrenadier-Division. more»

Subject: Military

Denmark & Norway 1940
Stock #: 90220
Author: D. Dildy

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $18.95

Soft Cover.

On 9 April 1940, German forces invaded Denmark, and then Norway, in an attempt to guarantee security of Scandinavia's vital mineral resources for their war industry.

This assault, Operation Weserübung, represented the first joint air-land-and-sea campaign in the history of warfare, and was the only such campaign planned by the Wehrmacht high command, including all three services of the Wehrmacht.

This book describes the events of this tumultuous campaign that not only led to Winston Churchill's appointment as British Prime Minister, but also saw the crippling of the German Kriegsmarine as a fighting force. more»

Subject: Military

Desert Shield
Stock #: 20129
Author: Robert Dorr

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $9.95

The build up: The complete story. more»

Subject: Military

Desert Storm: War in the Air-Military Aircraft Series - VHS
Stock #: AV044

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $9.95

Witness incredible scenes on the night of January 17th when it all began. Witness the air war at sea. Stand on the deck of the USS Ranger while F-14 Tomcats blaze into the sky. Meet Saudi Tornado pilots as they fly missions deep into Iraq. Finally, see the close air support mounted by A-10 Warthogs, F-16s, B-52s, and Helicopter Gunships.The complete story of the air war! VHS more»

Subject: Military

Die Wehrmacht, Volume 2
Stock #: KB10791
Author: Robert Johnson & Uwe Feist

List Price: $55.00
Karen's Price: $49.95

This edition covers weapons employed by the Wehrmacht Heer (Army). Beginning with the Leuchtpistole (flare pistol) through Granatwerfer (mortars), Panzerfaust, Minen (mines), Goliath and the Ladungsträger (demolition tank), the book gives the reader an inside look of the vast Arsenal of Weapons of the German Infantry employed during World War II. English text, 502 color and B&W photos. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Military

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