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Those Beautiful Coastal Liners: The Canadian Pacific's Princesses
Stock #: 30002
Author: Robert D. Turner

List Price: $39.95
Karen's Price: $19.95

The Princesses were the finest coastal liners on the Pacific coast. They broke all the intercity speed records between Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle and established an enduring reputation for elegance and beauty that remained unmatched for over sixty years. Their names became legends along the coast and they were the best and often the only way to travel along the British Columbia Coast. The Princess Victoria, Princess Kathleen, and the lovely Princess Marguerite, the last of the coastal liners, are just a few of the beautiful steamships remembered in this all-new volume. This book spans the scenic Pacific coast from Seattle to Skagway. It passes remote coastal communities and logging camps along the famous Inside Passage known to thousands of cruise ship passengers today. Soft cover. more»

Subject: Ships

Tugboats of the Great Lakes: A Photo Gallery
Stock #: 30010
Author: Franz Von Riedel

List Price: $34.95
Karen's Price: $31.95

This book takes an in-depth look into the ancient practices of Great Lakes ice-breaking, ship-assistance and towing. At the turn of the century, the towing industry changed forever with the consolidation of fleets and the design of the low-profile powerful steam ship-docking tug. This G-Tug design has become known all around the world. 120 Color. 200 B&W. 160 pages. Soft Cover. tugboats, great lakes, towing, ice-breaking, history, steam ship, ship-docking tug, G-tug, ship assistance, ice breaking, tug, tugs more»

Subject: Ships

Twelve Men Down: Massachusetts Sea Rescues
Stock #: 30000
Author: Robert H. Farson

List Price: $36.00
Karen's Price: $19.95

Save 45% !

This is the history of lifesaving along the coast from Martha's Vineyard to Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts. This book covers rescues near the coast by men who rowed small boats into mountainous waves, often in bitterly cold weather because there were people in danger. 191 historic B&W photos. Hard Cover.


Subject: Ships

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