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Milwaukee Road Scrapbook - DVD
Stock #: D126-DVD

List Price: $29.50
Karen's Price: $26.50

See the Milwaukee Road’s “electrification” on the old Pacific Extension. Remember the “Quills”, Bipolars, GE Boxcabs and GE “Joes”. Additional coverage includes the Milwaukee Road’s diesels and a nice review of Milwaukee Road’s steam powered trains. This is Milwaukee Road’s passenger and freight operations in its finest years. We also bring a good section on snow fighting, MOW equipment and practices as well as the frequent wrecks that kept the MOW people far too busy in the unfortunate years of decline. But overall, the Milwaukee Road’s employees always came through in the best tradition of tough and dedicated mountain railroaders. Don’t miss the comparative electrics on the Great Northern and the BA&P add to the history and scenic views. The copper ore trains that the BA&P actually preceded the Milwaukee’s own electrification. The original electrified BA&P paved the way for Milwaukee’s plans and gave them the impetus to “go electric” -- in many ways. See highlights of rival Northern Pacific and more Great Northern regional competition of their own specialized electric trains – and, their steam and diesel power. This video features mostly 16mm, beautiful, color film that captures the essence of the Milwaukee Road’s Pacific “extension” to Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. more»

Subject: DVD

Milwaukee Road Volumes I , II & III - DVD
Stock #: MILW-DVD

List Price: $39.95
Karen's Price: $36.95

Volume 1 includes boxcabs and Little Joes - the electric power on the Milwaukee Road. Shows the breathtaking slopes of St Paul Pass, and in the yards at Alberton & Avery. Volume 2 takes a look at the non-electrified line from Harlowton to Lewistown. Highlights include Vendome Loop and a cab ride in a Little Joe. Volume 3 includes historic footage which was shot just months before electrified service was replaced by diesel power and it covers the entire 440-mile route from Harlowton, Montana to Avery, Idaho. more»

Subject: DVD

Milwaukee Road West - DVD
Stock #: D118-DVD

List Price: $28.50
Karen's Price: $25.50

See the Milwaukee and rivals from 1955 to 1978 covering the electrics, diesels, and some lingering steam. Plenty of runby and trackside views of a vanished way of life in the mountain districts. Covers GE Boxmotors, Bipolars and "Little Joes" and visit a number of locations. more»

Subject: DVD

Mountain Grades of the B&O
Stock #: KB10797

List Price: $29.50
Karen's Price: $27.50

This material was shot in 1983, 1989 and 1991 with a mix of video and color movie-film dating back to 1969. See a colorful mix of power and a style of railroading that is vanished forever. The Mountain Subdivision brings the last Western Maryland units in service. CSX fans will also see the early color schemes. Chessie fans will see lots of "tri-color" power. Additional color comes from several CSX liveries from the 1991-era. The history of mergers of C&O, B&O, WM and Seaboard Lines up to the CSXT formation is reviewed. Early film presents B&O, C&O and L&N power plus vignettes of Western Maryland and the small WVN Railroads. See lots of Seaboard and Family Lines power mixed with B&O, Chessie System and CSX colors in big power 'lash-ups' with helpers and meets. The "Cranberry" grade of the Mountain Subdivision, and the Sand Patch grade of the Keystone Subdivision with its beautiful scenery, small towns and great trains are a special visual experience. This is all color, digitally enhanced material, shot in many seasons by Tom Luckey. It brings you a lot of great action with helpers and heavy grades. Many maps have been made for this video to give the viewer a full presentation. These are views back in time with the old Color-Position signals, towers and lots of great railroading that could only be found on the old B&O mountain grades! more»

Subject: DVD

Mountain Thunder - DVD

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $24.95

Incredible steam action on the Nevada Northern & Heber Valley railroads, with three engines in action. Superb weather, mountain scenery and awesome runby's, full of sound & fury. See freight trains on both railroads and a passenger train on the Nevada Northern, led by recently overhauled 4-6-0 #40. Great for steam lovers. DVD more»

Subject: DVD

Mullan Pass - DVD
Stock #: VR025-DVD

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $26.95

Burlington Northern and Montana Rail Link shared the line when Video Rails captured the excitement on this legendary Pass in 1990. Starting at Helena Junction, we see BN and MRL trains depart for the steep climb to the summit. Every westbound train needs helpers and MRL’s heaviest power is assigned to its helper pool. SD40-2s and SD45s make up the bulk of the power seen here. 15,000-ton coal trains with 45,000 HP grind their way up the 2.2 percent grade, past Iron Ridge, Greenhorn Trestle, and Skyline Trestle to Mullan Tunnel, Blossburg Siding, and Elliston. Huge clouds of diesel exhaust billow out of the tunnel, making it easy to see why it’s called the “Black Fog of Blossburg.” mullan pass, bn, mrl, montana rail link, burlington northern,Iron Ridge, Greenhorn Trestle, and Skyline Trestle to Mullan Tunnel, Blossburg Siding, Elliston, coal trains, sd40-2, helena junction, helpers, mullan tunnel, skyline trestle, greenhorn trestle, iron ridge more»

Subject: DVD

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