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Vancouver Glory Years: Public Transit 1890 - 1915
Stock #: 17858
Author: Heather Conn and Henry Ewert

List Price: $45.00
Karen's Price: $40.95

The history of public transportation from 1890-1915 in the town of Vancouver, Canada. Features electric-powered streetcars in text and 170 black and white photographs. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Vancouver Island's Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway, Volume 2
Stock #: KB10884


NEW, but dust cover slightly roughed up around the corners. 

The CPR Steam Years, 1905 1949, this is the continued story of the ever-fascinating, often troubled E&N Railway. The E&N became the key transportation link along the eastern coast of Vancouver Island and to the west coast at Port Alberni. Freight service was tied to forestry and mining, and the E&N also carried everything from furniture to fruit for a growing population that depended on the trains. Even the circus came to Vancouver Island on the E&N Railway. The E&N faced rapid change in the post Second World War years. In the late 1940s, in a dramatic modernization, the E&N became the first railway in Canada to begin using new, more efficient diesel locomotives. In 1955, the streamlined Dayliner arrived and replaced the well-worn wooden passenger cars. In spite of increasing competition from the automobile, the train somehow survived for over 50 years, attracting people from all over the world to explore Vancouver Island on the scenic, leisurely railway. Featuring hundreds of spectacular photos and beautiful drawings, the book presents a sweeping portrait of the E&N Railway: from the first diesels to the formation of VIA Rail Canada and its operation of the Dayliner, through CP's sale of the E&N and the eventual formation of the Island Corridor Foundation. With Turner's trademark exhaustive research, MacLachlan's years of experience, and many insights from people who worked for and traveled on the railway, this is at once an invaluable reference and fascinating history. Hard cover, No Dust Jacket.


Subject: Trains

Vermont Rail System
Stock #: 16545
Author: Robert C. Jones

List Price: $60.00
Karen's Price: $51.95

More than 40 years ago, the State of Vermont and Vermont Railway joined forces to buy and revitalize the Rutland Railroad. Today, Vermont Rail System is a dynamic organization boasting six affiliates – the Vermont Railway, Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad, Green Mountain Railroad, Washington County Railroad (Montpelier & Barre Division), Washington County Railroad (Connecticut River Division), and the New York & Ogdensburg Railroad. 425 B&W & color photos. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Vintage Cubano - Adventures with Old Car, Antique Trains & People
Stock #: KB10696
Author: Adolf Hungry Wolf

List Price: $75.00
Karen's Price: $64.95

From 1993 to 2005 writer and photographer Adolf Hungrywolf spent 18 months in Cuba documenting that island nation�s �transportation time warp.� He recorded hundreds of narrow- and standard-gauge locomotives �� most of them American-built � and dozens of American autos from the 1950s, 40s, 30s, and even the 20s. All-color book brings Cuba�s railroads, old cars, and people to life. With over 1,000 images � including historic photos �� lengthy journal entries, and comprehensive captions, the author paints a complex and interesting picture. Hard cover.


Subject: Trains

Virginia Railroad, Volume 2 - Chesapeake & Ohio
Stock #: KB10466
Author: Thomas W. Dixon Jr.

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $27.95

This is the 2nd volume about railroading in Virginia and details the history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway from its inception as the Louisa Railroad in central Virginia in 1836 up to modern times. Each chapter explains how a subdivision of the railway developed, including the types of locomotives used, and the nature of the traffic carried. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Virginian Railway
Stock #: 12976
Author: Princeton Railroad Museum & Bill Archer

List Price: $19.99
Karen's Price: $18.95

The Virginian Railway existed as a separate entity for only a half century. Henry Huddleston Rogers, who marshaled the development of the U.S. oil industry through his leadership of Standard Oil, invested $30 million of his personal wealth into the making of the Virginian. He speculated that south-central West Virginia coal would fuel America's Industrial Revolution. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

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