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Official 2000 Edition Locomotive Roster & News - Used
Stock #: 20357U
Author: Kerr

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $9.95

2000. New condition.This 2000 Edition now has consolidated roster fleets, featuring heritage railroads, of the four largest Continental Systems - BNSF, CSF, NS and UP. Also features 24 pages of full color builders photographs showing the most recent deliveries, as well as the most popular surviving older models. BNSF,CN,CP,CSX,NS,UP, roster,locomotive,photos,color,used. more»

Subject: Trains

Official 2001 Locomotive Roster
Stock #: 740156
Author: James W. Kerr

List Price: $26.95
Karen's Price: $14.95

This best selling annual locomotive roster includes large builders photos of current models and rebuilders models. Features BNSF, CSX, NS, UP and more. Handy pocket size. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Official Pullman Standard Library, Volume 11: Mid-Atlantic Railroads
Stock #: 11261
Author: W. David Randall & William G. Anderson


This volume covers the Mid-Atlantic railroads including C&O, B&O, PM, N&W, NKP, and WAB. Includes builder's photos, scale floorplans and side drawings. 298 photos. Each volume is spiral bound. Volumes 1, 8-10 and 12-16 are available in this series. more»

Subject: Trains

Ogden Rails: A History of Railroading at the Crossroads of the West
Stock #: 14774
Author: Don Strack

List Price: $52.95
Karen's Price: $44.95

Completely revised and expanded edition, this train book covers the UP, Central Pacific, SP, Ogden Union Railway & Depot Company, and the D&RG. Plus Bamberger, Utah Idaho Central, and Ogden's street railroads, along with Ogden's major rail-served industries and the Utah State RR Museum. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad
Stock #: KB10636
Author: Kenneth C. Springirth

List Price: $21.99
Karen's Price: $20.99

In 1859, when oil was successfully drilled near Titusville, the closest railroad was 27 miles away. To fill a transportation need, the Oil Creek Railroad line was completed from Corry to Titusville in 1862, eventually becoming part of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1900. Soft Cover more»

Subject: Trains

One Hundred Years of Enduring Tradition-South Shore Line
Stock #: 13230
Author: N. Carlson, S. Loeb & G. Smerk

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $27.95

Covers the history of the South Shore Line as told by the people who were involved since 1926. Discover fascinating new information, understand how a successful public private partnership was created and more. 84 pages. Color and duotone photos. Soft Cover. south, shore, line, history, public private partnership, chicago, lake, south, bend, cera, more»

Subject: Trains

Ontario & Western Railway Northern Division
Stock #: 19338
Author: John Taibi

List Price: $19.99
Karen's Price: $18.95

Features photos of the Ontario & Western, a railroad that passed through one small community after annother. Photos include the small wooden country depots, the locomotives, the employees, and more. B&W Photos. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Ontario County: The Golden Age of Railroads & Baseball
Stock #: 18213
Author: Tim Munn & Matt Vitticore

List Price: $18.99
Karen's Price: $17.95

Depicts much of Manchester, New York's, World War I and Depression-era history. Located among the finger lakes in Ontario County, Manchester is known for having once been home to the world's largest freight transfer. Lehigh Valley Railroad, Industrial League Baseball and history. Soft Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Origin of the Place Names (C&NW)
Stock #: 13259

List Price: $30.00
Karen's Price: $28.95

This book supplies authentic information as to the origin & derivation of the names of the states, counties, towns, cities & villages which are located on the Chicago & North Western and the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneaplis and Omaha Railways. Spiral bound, soft cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Ottawa's Streetcars
Stock #: 16806
Author: Bill McKeown

List Price: $59.95
Karen's Price: $55.95

Details the history of the Ottawa Electric Railway, its predecessors, and the Ottawa Transportation Commission. This is a magnificent historical record of Ottawa as it was at the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. Includes over 300 large photos with more than 50 in color. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Outbound Trains In the Era Before Mergers
Stock #: 18544
Author: Jim Boyd

List Price: $49.95
Karen's Price: $41.95

Spectacular photos of steam and diesel locomotives including SP, UP, L&N and more. This train book includes photos of aging roundhouses, country stations, busy interlocking towers and the great stations of Chicago, pre-Amtrak passenger from the 20th Century Limited, the Midnight Special and more. 200 color photos. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Trains

Overland Mail 1849-1869
Stock #: 19890
Author: LeRoy R. Hafen

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $19.95

Originally published in 1926, this was the first book to examine the impact of the postal service on the expansion of the West. The author details how the mail service tied West to East, influenced politics, promoted use of the overland trails, and helped usher in the railroads. Soft Cover more»

Subject: Trains

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