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General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark
Stock #: KB10368
Author: Don Logan

List Price: $59.95
Karen's Price: $54.95

This book is a pictorial history of the F-111, the greatest jet fighter-bomber ever built, and includes 740 color photos covering all models from the F-111A through the F-111K. In addition to a "Roll Call" including histories of each individual aircraft, photos of over 90% of the aircraft are included. Nose art of the FB-111A is covered with 48 photos. One Hundred and twenty Unit and Campaign patches are included, along with appendices on External Differences, Avionics Systems, F-111 Specifications, a Unit and Tail Code Summary, Attrited Aircraft, and a list of the 113 Aircrew members who died flying the F-111. more»

Subject: Aviation

German Night Fighters in World War II
Stock #: KB10113
Author: Manfred Griehl

List Price: $14.99
Karen's Price: $13.99

German Night Fighters in World War II more»

Subject: Aviation

Glory Days: The Untold Story of the Men Who Flew the B-66 Destroyer into the Face of Fear
Stock #: 88100
Author: Wolfgang W.E. Samuel

List Price: $35.00
Karen's Price: $32.95

Glory Days is the untold story of an airplane and its brave flyers who valiantly served our nation in time of war. The two EB-66 equipped combat squadrons flying from bases in Thailand against North Vietnam earned the Presidential Unit Citation for valor in combat, numerous Outstanding Unit Awards with V-device, and equivalent U.S. Navy citations. EB-66 flyers earned Silver Stars and Distinguished Flying Crosses for heroism, Air Medals galore, and too many Purple Hearts – attesting to their courage and sacrifice. This then is their gripping story – untold for far too long. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Aviation

Gooney Birds and Ferry Tales: The 27th Air Transport Group in World War II
Stock #: KB10234
Author: Jon A. Maguire and the Men of the 27th ATG

List Price: $59.95
Karen's Price: $54.95

The 27th Air Transport Group, part of the 302nd Transport Wing, supported the 8th and 9th Air Forces in World War II with ferry and transport services. Though their role was extremely vital to the success of the air and ground wars in Europe, their story has remained largely untold – until now. Flying primarily C-47s the 27th ATG performed a broad assortment of duties including resupply of frontline units, medical evacuation, transportation of VIPs and many others. Many first-person anecdotes, over 600 photographs, and a reprint of the "official" 302nd Wing unit history make this volume, by Group historian Jon Maguire, a fitting, and long-overdue tribute to the men and women of the 27th ATG. more»

Subject: Aviation

Gray Ghosts: U.S. Navy and Marine Corps F-4 Phantoms
Stock #: KB10363
Author: Peter E. Davies

List Price: $49.95
Karen's Price: $45.95

This new study of the sea-going Phantoms includes contributions from over a hundred aircrew and maintainers who were involved in the Phantom's success from the earliest service development flying to its twilight years in the Reserve units. There are personal accounts of MiG battles from more than a dozen MiG killers, first-hand descriptions of the F-4's introduction into combat with the Marines as a CAS and reconnaissance aircraft, memories of ‘Bear' intercepts on Mediterranean cruises, narratives covering the aircraft's service into the 1980s, and much more. These voices are blended with a detailed technical and developmental description of the aircraft, supported by comprehensive appendices and over 450 photos in color and black and white. more»

Subject: Aviation

Grumman Albatross: A History of the Legendary Seaplane
Stock #: KB10344
Author: Wayne Mutza

List Price: $19.95
Karen's Price: $18.95

The Albatross was the premier fixed-wing rescue aircraft for the U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard. Its very colorful history begins in 1946 and spans nearly a quarter of a century, including service with twenty-two foreign nations. The fascinating history of this unique aircraft is complemented by over 200 photographs including many in color showing the great variations in color schemes and markings. more»

Subject: Aviation

Grumman F9F Panther/Cougar
Stock #: KB10038
Author: Brad Elward

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $27.95

By the end of World War II, piston-powered fighters were at their absolute zenith. As good as those airplanes were, America's aviation industry found itself starting over in the Jet Age with new airplanes powered by anemic and somewhat cantankerous turbine engines. Grumman F9F Panther/Cougar tells the story of the pivotal F9F Panther from its initial concept through early design and manufacturing, flight test, aircraft carrier trials, and combat operations in the Korean War. more»

Subject: Aviation

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