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CONDOR: The Luftwaffe in Spain 1936-1939
Stock #: KB10018
Author: Patrick Lareau

List Price: $49.95
Karen's Price: $45.95

The Spanish Civil War was not just a tragedy for Spain; acting as a focus for all the different political philosophies which had simmered throughout the Thirties, it served as the proving ground for Italian, Soviet and German military theorists. Using much new previously undiscovered source material, this study looks in detail at the men, machines and units which formed the Legion Condor. more»

Subject: Aviation

CRUSADER! Last of the Gunfighters
Stock #: KB10369
Author: Paul T. Gillcrist

List Price: $39.95
Karen's Price: $36.95

Once known as the "Last of the Gunfighters", the Vought F-8 Crusader has since become a legend in the histories of the U.S. and French navies, as well as a scourge in the skies over North Vietnam in the late 1960s! CRUSADER! is a vital oral history of one of the most controversial fighter planes in carrier aviation. A key to the authenticity of this story are the author's personal interviews with sixteen of the seventeen living Crusader pilots who became MiG killers in the Vietnam air war. CRUSADER! also contains personal accounts by F-8 speed record holders such as U.S. Marine Corps Major (now Senator) John Glenn and Captains Bob Dose and "Duke" Windsor. more»

Subject: Aviation

Carrier Air Group 86
Stock #: KB10243

List Price: $45.00
Karen's Price: $41.00

This book is the actual cruise book of CAG 86 which was originally published just after World War II. This quality, large format volume contains biographies of all VF, VBF, VB, VT and Air Group Combat personnel, as well as those serving on the USS Wasp. Included are photos of pilots in their aircraft, group portraits, and combat scenes. more»

Subject: Aviation

Chennault's Forgotten Warriors: The Saga of the 308th Bomb Group in China
Stock #: KB10219
Author: Carroll V. Glines

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $26.95

The 308th's wide-ranging activities through nearly three years of bitter air warfare are described here by reknowned author C.V. Glines. more»

Subject: Aviation

Clear the Deck! Aircraft Carrier Accidents of World War II
Stock #: KB10016
Author: Cory Graff

List Price: $18.95
Karen's Price: $16.95

Aircraft carrier operations were a dangerous business, especially in wartime. Clear the Deck! showcases many never-before-published amazing and dramatic World War II-era, U.S. Navy battle damage, accident, and flight operations photographs gathered from the National Archives, National Museum of Naval Aviation, the Seattle’s Museum of Flight, and numerous other collections. more»

Subject: Aviation

Coast Dogs Don't Lie
Stock #: KB10774
Author: Jack Schofield

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $14.95

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They called it the North Coast Sched, but it didn't go to British Columbia's North Coast—only as far north as would allow a Beaver or Otter seaplane to get back to base before grounding time. Calling it a schedule was also something of a stretch, as it was rarely on time. As one wag put it, "We could be on time if there weren't so many babies to deliver along the way." The "babies" were more often truck transmissions, logging equipment and large grocery loads for the camp cookhouses. Until 1980, six coastal airlines performed this kind of homespun daily flying service from bases at Vancouver, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Port Hardy and Prince Rupert. The once familiar names painted on their aircraft's flanks are gone now, but in these pages readers will find reflections on and from those pilots who flew the scheds and the charter flights, and who always had a good story to tell when they returned. The storytelling tradition is called "hangar flying," and it's in great form here in Coast Dogs Don't Lie. Let hangar flyer extraordinaire Jack Schofield take you on an entertaining tour of the North Coast Sched's glory days. Hard cover.


Subject: Aviation

Cobra! The Bell Aircraft Corporation 1934-1946
Stock #: KB10152
Author: Birch Matthews

List Price: $59.95
Karen's Price: $54.95

Cobra! is a comprehensive, meticulously researched and fully documented history of Bell Aircraft Corporation and their piston engine fighters built during the Great Depression and through World War II. While the story centers on techincal aspects of the various fighters, significant attention is also devoted to those key individuals who conceived, built and flew these innovative designs. more»

Subject: Aviation

Colorful Aircraft: Unique Paint Schemes on the World's Passenger Airliners
Stock #: KB10102
Author: Norbert Andrup

List Price: $45.00
Karen's Price: $39.95

Who has not been astonished at an airport when he sees a particularly eye-catching airplane with an extremely elaborate paint job? More and more often, airlines make use of special painting whether to celebrate an anniversary, advertise a certain product, or just to attract attention. In this book, the author uses superb, detailed color images to portray, for the first time, nearly all the special paintings of international airlines, along with background information on their history. Among others, the following airlines are presented: Lufthansa, Germanwings, Germania, LTU, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, BMI, Ryanair, Air France, Alitalia, SAS, Finnair, KLM, Iberia, SAA, Cathay Pacific, All Nippon, JAL, Korean Air, Asiana, China Airlines, Singapore, Quantas, Air China, PIA, Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, El Al, Southwest, Northwest, Delta, United, American, America West, Braniff, US Air, Air Canada, Varig, TAM, Star Alliance. Hard cover. more»

Subject: Aviation

Combat Recon: 5th Air Force Images from the SW Pacific 1943-45
Stock #: KB10231
Author: Robert Stava

List Price: $39.95
Karen's Price: $36.95

From shipping strikes, to strafing runs on airfields, step back in time and into the violent days of World War II in the Southwest Pacific. Based on Fifth Air Force photographer John Stava's collection, and undiscovered until the mid-1990s, captured here is a broad scope of the war in the Southwest Pacific, from mundane and ordinary moments to white-knuckle combat rides. Follow he and his 5th AF colleagues as they traverse the war from the turning point days of early 1943 in New Guinea with the 5th Air Force Advon Lab, to serving in the 17th Recon Bomber Group as a tail gunner in the liberation of the Philippines by spring of 1945. more»

Subject: Aviation

Commuter Airlines of the United States
Stock #: Q0002
Author: R.E.G. Davies & I.E. Quastler

List Price: $0.00
Karen's Price: $46.95

Covers the history of the industry from the beginning. Includes the first postwar pioneers, the first commuter airline boom, deregulation and essential air service and more. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Aviation

Concept Aircraft
Stock #: 80300
Author: Jim Winchester

List Price: $39.95
Karen's Price: $29.95

Concept Aircraft is a fascinating and informative guide to more than 120 of the most unusual and experimental aircraft ever designed. Its information-packed pages cover a broad range of aircraft, from America's Bell X-1 rocket research aircraft - the first manned aircraft to break the sound barrier - the mighty North American XB-70 supersonic bomber. Hard cover more»

Subject: Aviation

Concorde: A Photographic History
Stock #: 80052
Author: Jonathan Falconer

List Price: $59.95
Karen's Price: $52.95

Concorde was more than just the sum of her parts: She gave Britain in particular a unique superiority in the company of nations that no other man-made object had done before - or since. She flew for 34 years and countless photos from amateur and professionals clicked away relentlessly to capture her on film. More than 200 fascinating color photos have been chosen for this book. Also includes building photos of the Concorde. Hard Cover. more»

Subject: Aviation

Consolidated B-24: American Bombers at War Vol.1
Stock #: KB10158
Author: John M. Campbell and Donna Campbell

List Price: $39.95
Karen's Price: $36.95

From the authors of Talisman-A Collection of Nose Art, volume one of a projected multi-volume historical series on American bomber aircraft. Detailed photographs of nose art and markings, and overall shots, present all aspects of the various models. All war fronts are covered and show the early B-24c types to the late war, Privateer, and Naval models, and the B-32 Dominator. A special color section features the doomed Lady Be Good when it was found in the Libyan desert in the early 1960s. more»

Subject: Aviation

Consolidated B-32 Dominator: The Ultimate Look: from Drawing Board to Scrapyard
Stock #: KB10161
Author: William Wolf

List Price: $49.95
Karen's Price: $45.95

Over the years the B-32 has been described only in a small number of magazine articles and in a booklet that have generally given a superficial and incomplete account, maligning the bomber, fairly or not, as a mediocre design besieged with developmental problems and a lackluster combat record. Consolidated B-32 Dominator - The Ultimate Look: from Drawing Board to Scrapyard is the definitive description and appraisal of this neglected bomber's development, testing, manufacture, and combat experience. The author used company design and production information, flight and test evaluations, along with previously unexplored Flight Manuals and Consolidated-Vultee Erection and Maintenance Manuals. more»

Subject: Aviation

Consolidated-Vultee PB4Y-2 Privateer: The Operational History of the U.S. Navy's World War II Patrol/Bomber Aircraft
Stock #: KB10239
Author: Alan C. Carey


Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation's (Convair) attempt to make a few design changes to its famous B-24 Liberator for the U.S. Navy in 1942 eventually evolved into the PB4Y-2 Privateer, a 70,000-pound patrol bomber equipped with state-of-the-art electronics gear, armed with twelve .50-caliber machine guns, and the capability to deliver bombs, depth charges, and guided missiles. Beginning with the development and production of the aircraft, this book presents an in-depth examination of the patrol bomber's entire operational history from 1942 to the present.


Subject: Aviation

Convair Advanced Designs
Stock #: KB10019
Author: Robert Bradley

List Price: $34.95
Karen's Price: $31.95

Consolidated Vultee, which later became Convair, built some of the world's best flying boats in the 1930s, and the world's best bombers during World War II. This book features many never-before-seen company photographs, models, and drawings of such futuristic concepts as a folding-rotor anti-submarine patrol bomber and a giant seaplane passenger transport launched from a high-speed rail car! more»

Subject: Aviation

Convair B-36: A Comprehensive History of America's "Big Stick"
Stock #: KB10393
Author: Meyers K. Jacobsen

List Price: $69.95
Karen's Price: $63.95

Convair B-36: A Comprehensive History of America's "Big Stick" is a collaborative effort edited and co-authored by Meyers Jacobsen exploring the history of one of SAC's air giants, the six-engine Convair B-36. From the origins of the use of six engines on bombers from around the world, along with the history and development of SAC and the use of its numbers of B-36s, this book will give the reader a greater amount of information than has ever before been published on the Convair B-36. Included with the technical and historical aspects of the B-36's use in SAC, are first hand anecdotes and accounts from the men who serviced, flew, and proudly served in SAC under Curtis LeMay. There are also detailed sections on the electronic countermeasures and various armament configurations applied in the B-36, as well as chapters containing information on B-36 attrition, and detailed accounts of the survivors that exist to this day. more»

Subject: Aviation

Convair B-58 Hustler
Stock #: KB10399
Author: Bill Holder

List Price: $19.95
Karen's Price: $18.95

The legendary Convair B-58 Hustler, one of the most interesting bombers to reach operational status, and had an appearance - even though designed in the 1940s - that would not look out of date in the 21st century. The first USAF delta-wing bomber was the Mach 2 Hustler that had the performance of a fighter aircraft. However, its tenure was short due to technical problems and excessive costs. The majority of Hustlers met their demise in the late 1960s, but a few remain at museums across the country. more»

Subject: Aviation

Convair Deltas: From SeaDart to Hustler
Stock #: KB10029
Author: Bill Yenne


Convair Deltas: From SeaDart to Hustler tells the compelling story of America's aerospace industry in its heyday, when manufacturers boldly took the initiative to explore futuristic new designs by actually building and test flying airplanes to determine how well they would work, if at all. Noted aviation author Bill Yenne thoroughly documents Convair's quest to conquer the aerodynamic mysteries of the delta wing with stories of the dramatic struggles and technological breakthroughs that gave the world some of its greatest fighter and bomber aircraft. more»

Subject: Aviation

Convair F-102 Delta Dagger
Stock #: KB10357
Author: Wayne Mutza

List Price: $29.95
Karen's Price: $27.95

With vivid detail and many exclusive photographs, Wayne Mutza chronicles the Convair's F-102 Delta Dagger's unsteady course through history, from its inception to present-day survivors. Presented for the first time are the fascinating details surrounding the F-102 in the air defense role, special projects, its unconventional use during the war in Southeast Asia, service with foreign air arms, the Air National Guard and its extensive involvement with the drone program. Special features include a detailed listing of each aircraft's assignment history and many of the insignia associated with the F-102. more»

Subject: Aviation

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